Eat Your Greens And You Will Be Rewarded With A Nice Dinner Plate

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"Everyone knows, if you eat your greens, you'll grow up to be big and strong."

"If you eat all of your greens, except for Brussels sprouts, you will also be big and strong."

"Why would you leave your Brussels sprouts?"

"Nobody likes them."

"I do, I think they're great."

"No way, they're horrible. Little monsters that spoil the dinner plate."

"But they make you so big and so strong."

"Is that the only reason to eat them?"

"It's a very good reason. Everyone wants to be healthy."

"But at what price?"

"There are a lot worse things you can do than eat Brussels sprouts."

"Like what?"

A pause.

"It's not that bad and it makes you healthy."

"I'd rather not have them."

"That's up to you. If I'm honest, I eat them first."

"How could you?"

*If I eat them, then the rest of the plate will contain only good food. That is my reward for eating the sprouts."

"So, you admit, they're not nice at all."

"I didn't say that. But you do have a point."

"It would be better to eat vegetables that you do like."

"Like what?"

"Anything. There's loads of them."

"But which ones are nice?"

"I like your idea."

"What idea?"

"Eat the food you don't like so much first, then your plate will be left with nice food. I might try it "

"Or put vegetables on that you do like."

*Like what?"

"Let's go get a Sunday carvery."

"A Sunday carvery and a beer. Can't think of anything better."



A freewrite exercise with prompts delivered by @mariannewest

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Dear friend I think your post is very good, you related to a good dynamic, especially I liked the end with the theme of roast and beer. It turns out that today I just published a post about the Argentine barbecue and beer. If you want, take a look at my blog. Receive my affections @mr-neil.

I love Brussel sprouts :)

I like roast potatoes and beer more :-)