Yaaas, Day 3! Free Write Challenge: Prompt is Milk [This is still hard, totally off-topic]

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Hi guys!

Today's prompt is MILK. LOL. Yet another inappropriate childhood rhyme comes to mind first thing. Second thing is this vegan T-Shirt that said Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk with a picture of a cow. Third is that almond milk (and any other nut milk) is a fraud. Just because its white-ish liquid does not make it milk. And there's hardly any nuts in the entire carton.

That's it for milk. Unless it's in my coffee, I don't really like it all that much. Even cookies are better without it.

Aaaand I forgot to set the timer again.


Creative writing has never been my jam. In fact, I really really hated having to write short stories for a grade in high school. The remarks I always received were somewhere along the lines of "not enough description" or "try to make the reader feel like they're there", but no matter how many colorful words I'd throw into a sentence, it never came out natural and flow-y. I'd like to give you an example but I'd have to be able to write all natural and flow-y, first.

I'm terrible with descriptions and it seems like only my close friends and family can decipher what I'm trying to tell them. Especially if it involves directions. I have a terrible time remembering street names (or any names, really) so my best bet is using landmarks. My best friend needed a reminder of how to get to my grandmother's house and it went something like this:

Take the exit where KFC used to be. Make a right at where we'd normally take a left to get to the mall. Remember where we used to have to run around the building, and we ate the flowers? So go past there, and then make a left that comes back around like a boomerang. Watch the traffic coming, but you actually have the right of way so don't stop. The house is on the left across from the neighborhood where Tuna lives.

They give me directions the same way now. I don't know how to take the 95 to 128 and bang a U at the old rotary but if you tell me to go around the lake where Thanksgiving blunts are smoked and then down past where Melissa had a seizure in the car from eating apples I know exactly where you're talking about.

Hm. Just realized that unless you are from Massachusetts, that entire last paragraph is gibberish. Its OK though, because my 5 minutes are up! I assume anyways, because I still didn't set the timer even when I realized I forgot.

A big thank you to @freewritehouse @snook @kimberlylane @nikv for all of your encouragement to keep writing! I just wish the prompts were more specific like "Tell me about the time you got jumped on the J train" or "What was your first job" LMAO.

Happy Wednesday!


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"What was your first job"

I was driving past where Mz Annabelle was caught kissing the cow on my way to the first day of work when I realized that people who think milk that comes from nuts are in reality nuts.......this was my mindset while walking it to my first job as a ................. ant farmer? :D

I use directions just like you do :D please don't ever tell me to go east orf turn freaking west........I have been known to drive all the way to The Lake which is east of the town I live in and then I know to go right, which is north.........until I hit a road that I know goes all the way through town to the west where I live........ now I have to go through some dicky parts of town to use this "I'm not lost from your crappy directions" method but I always get home in one piece :D

You are doing great on your freewrites and please don't give up. I'm loving your wonderful stories and your very honest way of telling just how you feel about each prompt.

Makes me smile and laugh :D for that I am in your debt! :D

Right? Who knows what east and west is when they're standing in the street. I probably do the same thing - drive all the way around just to get to the route I know.

Ant farmer, I like it! See - now I'm not criticizing myself, but I like the way your first paragraph sounds much better than my list. :D

Today's entry was admittedly a quick one left in the comments section, so I transferred 1 SBD to @freewritehouse to make up for my lack of effort today.

I love milk, al kinds & love it in my coffee I cant drink coffee without some milk haha!!
But I come from a population of milks drinkers & cheese eaters so thats not a suprise😂

Right! I mean, if there's no milk left, I'll still drink the coffee black but I much prefer it with the milk. Whole, full fat, the one with the red cap in the US. None of that watered down stuff.

Don't get me started on cheese. I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!! Bread, Cheese and Sparkling Water are all I really need to eat to live. Oh and maybe some dark chocolate.

Another excellent piece. I'm sure that your school teachers were trying to fit into a mould whereas you have your own style, which is very entertaining. Keep going!

Thanks, nik! Thats the problem with the US education system. My friend who is a teacher reminds me almost every day that there are more than 30 methods to learn, but they're only allowed to use like, 4 or 5 of them in class.

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