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It's been a while! My freewrites come few and far in between. But, I always make it a point to give it a unique spin. This is for @mariannewest and @improv's Freewrite Day 300. Today's theme is towel. I hope I do it justice. Enjoy!

It used to be that when I look at you, all I could see was a reprieve from the sins of my past. You always had a way of wiping it all away, as if they were never there to begin with. I know that you never had the capability to undo them. I'm not deluded. But, I always felt a sense of relief whenever I led myself to believe that the past was simply just that.

You were there.

You took all of it in, absorbed it into yourself, every minute detail. It stained you. Dare I say, it corrupted you. But, you never complained, did you? Not even once. You took me under your billowing caress and you change—no, that would betray the service that you provided. You never tried to change me, just like what everyone tried to do.

Instead, you accepted me. You accepted me when nobody else did. You accepted me even when you shouldn't have.

Over time, it tore you apart. Little by little. I saw it as it started, and I did nothing to delay the inevitable. If our roles were switched, you would've done something. I know you would've done something. Right now, I want to tell you I'm sorry, but we both know that it would be for naught. And, if our roles were to be switched at this instant, I would hate you. But, I know that you don't. Hate me, that is.

Don't you?

It wasn't all bad, was it? You were there for the highs as well. While you won't be there for my last, you were there for the first. And, the second. And, the third. Every laughter sewn into your fibers, every exaltation stiffening your seams. I wish there was more, but that's all the joy my life had until this point. There would surely be more, but you won't have the chance to share it. I wish you could, but we both know you couldn't.

No words would ever be enough, that's why I won't even try. They escape me, unlike how water couldn't escape you. Until it did.

For now, these tears would be dried by another. After which, I would cry no longer.

Goodbye, my old friend. Goodbye.

Quite possibly my shortest one yet! After being unable to finish a few times, I decided to go back to my roots and craft a simple yet emotional story. Or, I'm just exhausted and I needed an outlet. You decide which truth you want to live in. That's the beauty of fiction! Any guesses on how this relates to the theme for today? 1SBD goes to the best interpretation! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it in the comment section. I would appreciate all of the interaction. Rest assured that I will repay it in kind :D

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Damn, I'm kinda sad for that old towel. ;-)

Here is today's freewrite prompt:


Alas, I was out the whole day! I'll try to catch the next one. Thanks for the heads up, man!

Well, the title gave it away LOL at least that is what I was reading into this. It must have been a beautiful towel once 😄


Oh it's so much deeper than that haha! Come on, I know you know what I mean! I know you do! Look beyond the literal haha! I don't know why I can't force myself to write Freewrites that simply tell a straightforward story.

That is the very first time I've ever experienced towel personification- smashing job bro! Poor old towel!


But, what about the towel?? Dig deeper, physi-SIS-t! Am I really talking about a ragged towel or is there something more?? Hmmmmm.....

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Great! Thanks!

Buenas noche. Excelente post muy buen trabajo. Lo invito visitar mi blog hasta luego


Muchas gracias! Aprecio las amables palabras :D