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Now departing from sucker town. Headed to elsewhereville.

You might be surprised to discover that I've never been anywhere.

Not to one place. Not even to the place that I am now, because there's no such thing as where, only who and why.

That's right. Where is a conceit. Made up by a pilot to justify her calling. But that was what she WAS. there was no need to justify it. Just be you. Not in a place or at a time (which also doesn't exist) Just be.

In nowhere everywhere, that's nonsense. There isn't a where. There isn't even there.

Who, now. Who IS. You are a person with thoughts. And why you have those thoughts are your reasons. Maybe you're a lion-tamer, and you love a juggler, and that's because the juggler is so joyful as she juggles. You are joyful as you lion-tame. And that's why you love her. Whys are real and whos.

Do you know what else is real? What. What is real. What I'm doing is writing. Or, well, typing. That's a thing. It's fun to do. DOINGs are real.

So depart all you like. Depart an activity or a personality or a reason. Just don't fool yourself that you're departing a place or a time.

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Now entering the Twilight Zone.

🚨🔨🔨🔨 It's hammer time🔨🔨🔨🚨

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