Come out, come out (freewrite)

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He would read her stories about the essence of childhood. No, that can't be right. He would read her stories, outside in the garden, in Grandpa's swing and now that seemed like the essence of childhood.
He would come to her, from time to time, he'd creep in through the open window and call her outside.
'Come out, little sister. Come out and play,' she would hear his voice and come rushing out, where he would pick her up into his big arms and cry for joy, like he hadn't seen her in a thousand years.
At some point, it all became childish, all this screaming and she refused to come out if he continued this little charade of his. So, he'd tiptoe through the garden and knock once on her door and Lissa would come out, in one of those baggy sweaters she so loved at the time because she thought you couldn't see she was young and pretty underneath.
He would be waiting in the swing and he would wave, but keep his distance. Then, when she was settled in the swing beside him, he would tell her stories about where he'd been - of beasts and slayed dragons and mad wizards that would not leave him be. He told her perhaps thousands of stories about his world of pirates and she always felt a bit sad 'cause she never had anything to tell him in return.
What could she have told him about? Madame Grimmerly who would make fun of her in class for wearing her big sweaters? Or perhaps she could tell him how Dad's hand would slide up her leg further than it should when no one was around.
Their Dad, who was really only her Dad, because her brother didn't have any parents and no other friends beside her, which suited Lissa just fine.
Her brother, who could've in turn told her much darker stories of all the atrocities within human nature that he'd seen when he was still alive.

Yet he does not, because he knows that never helped anyone. He waits for her still, although by now she's an old woman. He sits int heir swing and sometimes, she comes out and he tells her a story.

Today's prompt was 'essence'. Check out @mariannewest's blog if you would like to try freewriting!

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My in-laws have that same backyard swing thing! Though theirs looks like it's been through a hurricane, which it hasn't.


Hmm, do they also have the man with the stories?


They do not. They also don't have the molestation, as far as I know.

You got a 40.07% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @honeydue!

I hope that she was hearing him all her life...

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