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March Madness

WHAT??? You might ask yourself. What is going on with the Freewrite House?

Yes, the November Madness had a baby and it is called

March Madness

@Kaelci had such a good time in November that she is ready to go and get another book out into the world! som if you need to blame someone for crazy ideas - blame her. But you know, we are always ready and willing to jump on board if it sounds outlandish enough LOL

Oh, you still don't know what March Madness is?

We are going to write a novel in one month - well the first draft anyway.



  • We are going to follow the model of November Madness and NaNoWriMo.
  • You get a prompt every day - it will be the same as the Daily 5-Minute Freewrite prompt.
  • You write - but longer than 5 minutes. The daily goal is 1613 words.
  • You document your word count.

This time, we don't have the help of NaNoWriMo - so, if you tell us that you are going to be part of the Mad Crew, we are going to have a spreadsheet and you enter your count. We figure out a verification method during the month.



@kaelci offered up 20 SBI

The Freewrite House is going to match

40 SBI

There will also be random drawings for participation.


March Madness Fans

We didn't forget about you!!! @kaelci is planning to reward her fans with random gifts of SBI. So will the Freewrite House.

Please tell us below if you want to become a fan - then, when you comment on an MM use the #MMfan so we can find you.


Are you IN?

Let us know if you want to write with us!!

So far, we have these possible Mad Writers


Are you interested?

I am taging those of you who were before and might like to give it another go


Make sure to Join the 5-Minute Freewrite Daily Prompt found @mariannewest.

Look for this


Also, check out this post: Future of the Freewrite House 1


Check out These Contests and Events at the Freewrite House @freewritehouse

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Freewrite House Author Reading Contest

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  • Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite & Freewrite Poetry

  • Adopt Me!

  • Beta Readers Group -ongoing - sing up anytime

  • March Madness - Write a Novel in a Month

Steemzuela Ventest - Fables of Venezuela - English & Spanish

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I'll be here watching. 👀

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Yay! Go, Uncle Bruni! 😍

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YES! I am so in. ❤🌹

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So much fun! I can't join you though since I'm starting my masters in march. I'm not that crazy! But I'll support you all as best I can!

Wow this is so exciting! I wish I could write for it but I won't have time this month. I'm looking to November to jump back in, if that's still in the works? And will read and comment as much as I can in March <3

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I won't be doing it this time. I have a lot I need to do in march! I'll be encouraging you mad folk though!

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There were are a few in my comments who were interested! 😊 will find and tag them when I get to the computer soon!

Yay! March Madness!! 😆😆 🎉🎊🎉🎉

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Thank you for reawakening the insanity, @kaelci 😂❤

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My pleasure! 😄😂

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@blueeyes8960, @wems, @juliamulcahy :D
March Madness!

Since I've been tagged, you can count me in. Just also assume I will most likely bail. Last time work caught me off guard, so this might happen again. But after a month of game research, I could use the month of March to stop playing so much and write what I've learnt into my never-ending project. Let's hope the next Path of Exile league does not draw me in too deeply like Betrayal!

Thanks for the reminder Marianne! <3

I am new to @freewritehouse. I would love to participate in match madness


Great!! We love for you to participate. We are starting on March 1st and you start writing with the prompt. Many publish what they write every day with the understanding that it is a first draft.
Some have an outline of a novel ready - others just move forward and see what happens.
Feel free to do a timeline and create some characters - but you don't have to.

We are going to publish a google doc where you can add your word count every day - or we can do a verify at the end of the month...


Thank you very much! So the writing prompt will be given by you on each corresponding day? Do we know beforehand what the subject matter will be? I am so excited about this!

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The prompt is a surprise - but you can figure out what direction you think your novel should go. When we did it in November, used the mostdangerous writing app to get started and then went from there.

I am traveling right now and the first few days, I am not sure if I will have the prompt on this account. I have run into scheduled posts not showing up and such.

Here is an example of a prompt - and where to find them.

I wonder if I am able to do so or... am I allowed to join?
Are the daily prompt given here?

Writing using a computer goes way faster as with a smartphone. So 1613 words daily for 1 month?
If I get ill I can catch up?

I do not know what the NaNoWriMo is (I guess more new freewriters do not know so)...

Hope I remember the #MMfan

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Of course, you are allowed to join!! It is harder with the phone only, that is for sure. But the beauty is that you are with Freewriters and by now, you know that we are an inclusive bunch.

I will do my best to have the prompt go up here as well. But I am still traveling the first 5 days of March and my scheduled posts have not always posted. We are going to use the same prompt as the Daily Prompt on my profile - just in case the posts here are not showing up.

NaNoWriMo is a non-profit which runs a big novel writing action in November. Several hundred thousands of people participate :)

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