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I got some great questions about the Freewrite House's Beta Readers Group. So here's a post rounding up those questions and sharing the answers.

If you have a question I didn't answer, just ask the comments.
There's a link to sign up after at the end of the post.

What kind of publishing initiative is this for?

The assumption going into this is the writers are looking to self-publish on Amazon or some other platform.

How will we be communicating in the group?

We'll be using email and a channel on the Freewrite House Discord. We'll also be offering training sessions via Zoom on how to provide meaningful feedback to writers, and for writers on how to prepare their manuscript for review. These will be recorded but attending live is preferred.

We know some members don't have consistent internet access so we'll accommodate them as much as possible.

When does it happen/start?

The group is intended to be a long-term, on-going organization. New people can join at any time.

If ever you don't want to be considered a beta reader, you can just let me know you don't want to be notified when books are available.

That said, I plan to have the training session in February, and the first book out for review (a test run really) by the end of the month too.

How long of story/manuscript are you looking for?

We'll take any length manuscript provided it is in final or near final form. This means anything from short stories to full length novels. They do need to be in English (for now, we may find someone willing to run groups in various languages)

It can be posted already on Steemit or elsewhere online. However it needs to be delivered to readers as one document (format will be discussed in the training).

How do writers submit their stories?

The process will be explained during the training offered later this month. But in general, the manuscripts will either be emailed to readers, or a link to the document will be emailed (like if it's hosted on Dropbox, OneDrive, or any file sharing service).

If you have any more questions, just let me know in the comments.

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