Introducing Freewritehouse Poetry Digest Tag

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Introducing Freewritehouse Poetry Digest Tag

The Freewritehouse is bringing more exciting news!

We recognize our amazing members possess an awesome variety of writing styles; fiction, essays, ongoing stories and author readings and all other matter of mixed media formats beginning with just a five minute freewrite submissions created from the daily #freewrite word prompts hosted by @mariannewest!

At @FreewriteHouse we are now teaming up to create a new Poetry Digest in an effort to showcase some of the skilled poetry coming from our participating writers.

This coming month we will begin compiling poems gleaned from freewrites that we would like to showcase to the Steemit community here at @FreewriteHouse.

Our goal is to begin with a monthly Poetry Digest. If this Digest becomes more popular, or we identify a surge in freewrite poetry, we may increase the digest frequency.

In an effort to make poetry submissions easier to locate on the blockchain, we are also introducing a new tag for those who would like to have your freewrite poems reviewed for curation in the Poetry Digest showcase.

If you create a poem using one of the daily (or weekend) prompts, you can begin to add #freewritepoetrydigest to your poetry post as one of your five prompts and we will be reviewing that tag on the blockchain for submission to this digest.

Please begin to utilize the tag if what the muse from your freewrite develops into a poem and you may see it soon on the upcoming digests!

Don't forget to check out the other goings on at the Freewrite House!

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cool idea! I am adding the new tag to the bot right away.

Question: is there anyone interested in doing some photography?

What kind of photos are you looking for?

And thank you for adding the tag to the bot!!!

A sort of freewrite contest but with photos. For example we can make pictures related to one of the prompts.

Yes!!! someone suggested a contest like that in the contest for contest post. I think we will work on doing lots of fun ones - we hope. Partly, it depends if we can come up with enough prize money to make it worth peoples time. We shall see...

It is a cool idea and thanks for adding the new tag to the bot! : )

What a great idea! I love it! : )

Now I'm gonna have to do a little poetry.

Sounds good!! We are ready to see it!!

Excited for this! In fact, most of my freewrites are in poetry form.

hope you start using the tag so our poetry curator can find them easily

I just did! Thanks!

So, the poems would be written with the specific prompt words or phrases within them, or just spurred by the prompts?

just spurned by the daily prompt. If you write a poem - use the tag so we can find​ it.

This is a great idea! I don't really write poems, or only on very rare occasions, but making it easier to find poems is really awesome, there are so many wonderful poems here!

Thank you!! Agreed! There are a lot of great poems coming out of the freewrite prompts....

I haven't written many poems...and I'm not quite sure...and this might sound silly (but if I can't ask here, where can I ask? Haha) are there specific ways to write poems. I mean, I know there are patterns sometimes and styles, but can I just write off the cuff without worrying about it?

You are asking here and you will get the Freewrite house answer. Yes - you can write it off the cuff. To me, the difference between prose and a poem is that the poem has a certain rhythm to it.

Of course, there are all kinds of set forms like a Haiku, or a Sonnett or, or, or which have very specific requirements. And many poems rhyme.

I didn't use to like poetry because I felt it was so restrictive - so many musts! But then, I came across some modern poets and it felt like storytelling to me and I liked it. So, I say, write it and if you say it is a poem, we will believe you...

That's amazing! Thank you!

You are welcome

Nice idea and am very excited about this one.. God bless....

We are looking forward to your poems!!!

Thank you.... I am hoping to start it very soon.... that's how excited I am....@freewritehouse

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