Count Down (The Temp)

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Melissa has found a job she loves and James Hallaron is the boss that she's falling for... hard. Thing is, the job is temporary and she doesn't want to fall in love. Ever.

I shot him a hesitant smile, I mean this guy was playing me like a fiddle and damn it, I was going to let him. “Yeah, but make it my place. And you’re not allowed to respect me in the morning.”
He reached out his hand like this was a proper business deal, “All right. Sex all night and I won’t call you afterwards.”
My grin widened as I shook his hand, “That sounds like the perfect deal!” I grabbed the door handle and practically jumped out of the car before he could change his mind. “See you tomorrow, Mr. Hallaron!”

I woke up the next morning and had to pretty much immediately squash the excitement that had me wanting to catapult myself out of bed. It wouldn’t do to start my day off on hyper speed. I needed to pace myself so I had plenty of energy for my upcoming date. No, not date but night of wild hot, meaningless sex. With no commitment.

Yeah, I was maybe protesting a bit too much. So sue me. A girl does what she needs to do to get through the day.

By the time I got to work, I was so focused on the thought of having James in my bed tonight that I had pretty much forgotten about the chaos of the day before. I walked into work to find all of the desks empty. I was heading towards Mr. Hallaron’s office when I happened to pass the conference room.

Everyone was there and Sharon practically dragged me inside. There was a platter of donuts and bagels (from my favorite bagel place, no less!) and the wonderful smell of coffee in the air. Not just any coffee, but my favorite kind.

My temporary coworkers cheered for me and I almost burst into tears. It was too much. I just stood there, stunned. No one had ever done anything like this for me before. Not a celebration, not a surprise, not even so much as remembering my favorite coffee or where I liked to get my bagels.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open and the threat of tears while everyone started talking at once. James came over and took my hand to shake it. He could tell I was feeling overwhelmed, so he did what any amazing guy would do. He made it better.

“Guys, come on now, Melissa just helped out. Let’s remember it was a team effort because I have the best staff in the country!” He held up his cup of coffee and handed another to me. Lifting his cup, he shouted, “Three cheers for my staff and their ability to perform miracles!”

Everyone let loose with a hearty cheer and then dug into the food. There was a few “thank you’s” and whatnot, but one on one I was fine. I could handle it. I looked around the room and felt like I belonged. For the first time in my life.

‘No, Melissa,’ I scolded myself, ‘do NOT go there. Just suck it up, be polite and go get your work done. Tonight, we get laid!’ I nearly rolled my eyes at my inner voice. This inner monologue thing was starting to get out of hand!

Nonetheless, I checked my watch. Seven hours until the work day was done. Seven hours until I could go home and get ready for the hottest night of sex I had experienced in a good long while. I might not have known James all that long, but I could tell he was going to be great in bed. No guy paid that much attention or picked up on so many subtleties without being an amazing lover.

I joked with a few more coworkers and then we all headed to our desks for work. I checked my watch again. Six and a half hours. My skin nearly tingled at the thought of his touch. I licked my lips at the thought of his mouth on mine again. I felt a slow burn start between my legs and clenched my thighs together at the thought of having him in just a few hours.

As long as he promised to stick to the ‘no strings attached’ rule, this was going to be my best adventure yet!

“What if he doesn’t?’ I hushed that inner voice and got to work.

The countdown continued: 6 hours, twenty minutes.


To Be Continued HERE

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