Freewrite : Out of the downvote trail, why?

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I was making a comment on @joshman post Decentralized Standards Of Behavior | Ranty STEEM Freewrite but it was getting too long and deeper than spected so I decided to make a post of it. Here it is:
I’m not on the downvoting track at all. I think I did it with @camille and can’t remember if another one just as a useless and unthoughtful reaction. That’s my history on that.
I didn’t came here cos of the “no censorship” ideal but for the “New World” idea where everyone would help each other grow a stack that maybe one day would be of some importance.
Then I saw how the well known accounts started to abuse the system...thought to myself: the same shit as always, rich people getting richer. Poor people begging around, normal people just ignored. Why I should follow the game? . It wasn’t worth to post.
One day I thought that if one wants a New World, one must start by itself creating one’s “temporal autonomous zone” (“Los Planetas” 2017 March 24 , T.A.Z more info (wikipedia link) )... that’s it, in this crazy world I keep creating my TAZs and making what makes me feel good so I can try and help others feel good as well. That’s my way on Steemit.
I try to infect people with good vibes and optimism while being very realistic about what sourrounds us. Music is the key word to me.

I think that Steemit is a social media platform, isn’t it? . But are we interacting each other ?, don’t think so. Why?, because our front end prevent us from doing it. We are using the blockchain as a rock in which we write, that seems weird to me. It shouldn’t happen that way imho.
I state that Steemit needs a modern social network oriented interface, a moderated one. It would be the firewall for abuses. Once the content has been filtered( not censored) it can be recorded on the stone and the reward pool is safe. Well this is quite a gross tough idea. The tech aspects should be refined and scape from my scope.
The Steem blockchain cannot be censored as far as Steem API is available but we can decide how Steemit works as an interface, a social one. If I need to make a transfer I would use my wallet( there’s a separate interface for this), I won’t use it to chat, post, create content, engage with others...
We are getting old as a social platform, we need to update our view on this if we ever want to reach masses and we need to take control of abusers and trolls, that’s moderation not censorship. I’m not speaking about politics, religion, sex and so on; I’m speaking about cheating, about pool abusers, about rich people abusing normal people and a long etc you can imagine.
Let’s make it together, everyday, connect other people, talk to others, comment on posts, read posts and express yourself, be human and free to give others some love... hate is everywhere, we don’t need more.

Love n’hugs to all ❤️

Pd: All photos are mine.


If you want steemit inc to decide what is acceptable, why not just go to facebook?

Axceptable? ... I didn't said that, at all. I'm afraid I explained it too bad if you just understood I was talking about what's acceptable or not.
I told about "filtering", about "Moderating" to avoid abuse of our system (Reward Pool). I talked about updating the Steemit UI to ease users interaction and increase engagement. That's what I talked about.
You simplified my statement too much I think but gonna use It to ask you: does the fact that Facebook or other social media sites are moderated affect the number of users? Aren't they massive? What's what we want Steemit to be? .

Nice to see you around @sgt-dan!
Wishing you a good Sunday 😉

Yes the same to you! I am going to spend the rest of the day finishing my curation of PYPT posts and working on a post of my own like I did last week of my curation.

Hope I don't get flagged for redunancy! Thank you for all you do! I will have to visit @mytunes. Sorry, I have been sidetracked and have not visited that blog in a little while. I will do that now since it is on my mind.

lol flagged for redundancy ... if we could get rid of flags those resources could be used to curate good content and encourage engagement!
@mytunes’s blog is stopped by now. I’m still unsure on how to focus it. The platform (Steemit) itself is a great tech handicap for what I would like to do. However I’m thinking of it and will eventually get a marvellous idea 🤪

Yes, I just saw on the @mytunes blog that the project has been discontinued.

Flags? I get the reasoning for them, just they are being abused like many other parts of the STEEM system. Ah, nothing is ever perfect. There is that human factor to with which to contend.

Have not participated, much, in a flag-war as I do not have the resources. More of a war of words with the folks of STEEMFLAGREWARDS.

I find it funny that the person involved in the planned mass down-voting/flagging of @cryptopie makes a post which earns more rewards in a short time than @cryptopie's post did.

@cryptopie post@joshman post

Above are current potential reward payouts

Well, it is what it is.

I’m not aware of this stuff, I can not be everywhere and think it’s all the result of what we have nowadays concerning the Steem network interaction system.
I stick on my opinion that this should be moderated and pull appart the downvote feature.
I haven’t enough time to dig into the tech on how this can be made. As a social media platform we should take what it’s working on mass apps and improve it to our needs. Maybe an espectacular solution is needed but I’m afraid techs aren’t able to find it.
We aren’t here to police others, we’re here to enjoy and help each other. Platform must issue the abuse/bulling/cheating/faking thing for us.

I concur. Nor do I understand completely all the tech behind the blockchain.

STEEM is very much like the rest of social media. The only difference is that it is not on a centralized server as I understand it.

I will continue to leave my opinions and observations as comments. Just will do my best to be civil (a difficult proposition for this old curmudgeon).

Haha, good one. Thanks for dropping by. You mean my post with actual engagement (79 comments), 20 reblogs, and 8 new followers? He's the number 2 author in rewards (to burnpost which is number 1), and I don't even show up in the top 500. Nice try though. I actually mentioned in the SFR discord that I thought my post was over-rewarded, where were you? Oh yeah, you left.

Screen Shot 20191117 at 7.30.14 AM.png

(update: post stats)

@sgt-dan, the two descriptions are not mutually exclusive, but you were correct about the timing, so I apologize for that. I will still leave my response here for posterity though! :)

Actually shared this originally with just @drakernoise. Thought it was clever and then posted on your blog. You might want to check the time stamps.

Actually, if I remember you called it a good one.

Neat post.
*one must start by itself creating one’s “temporal autonomous zone". I think I live in one :) Sometimes I get distracted by upvotes (or lack of)...but then remember that I'm here to have fun. Meet great people from all over the world. Create content that might not be read anywhere else. Read unique content I won't see anywhere else.
So, whatever the rewards of a post, if people comment and the post provokes conversation, then a good thing has happened and I'm happy.

BTW, I love the pictures and the music. I like especially the dogs and the baby--but I'm not sure that baby should be out there.

Thanks so much for coming @agmoore2...I agree completely with your view. Interaction, conversation, sharing stuff and feelings, engagement, friendship and support; that's the thing!
I've been here for too long. Those that are used to me know what's what I love : gathering money was and never will be my priority. I have my daily job to pay my bills. Btw I have to go now to earn my salary 😉
Have a nice week start, love n'hugs over there ❤️

I don't downvote either. Almost never. Never. Those that are stronger than me, I don't downvote because it's no use and I don't want retaliation downvotes that would take all my tiny rewards away. And those who downvote me just because they can and are tinier than me, I don't bother to downvote. But some day I'll be bigger and then I might start downvoting accounts that I think are for instance bullying other people. Or abusing reward pool. Well see.

Those tiny flags are Trolls to be ignored.
I respect your opinion on this, It couldn't be different from me.
If I were a big account wouldn't flag others but maybe my words would be heard and taken into consideration.
Have the massive social network apps any flagging system? Not really. Are they moderated and supervises? Yes they are.
I'm I able to express myself freely there? Yes as far as I now although I commit some illegal or inacceptable behaviours. Censorship? I never was victim of that. What is most, it's plenty of people boasting their stupidity or sharing rubbish over there. Never saw them censored.
It's just my humble opinion.
Thanks so much for comming and sharing your view, I appreciate It too much.
Wishing you the best for the rest of your day.

Never saw them censored.

Not censored but downvoted by accounts that do not tolerate plagiarism or very poor content. Not all of them all the time of course because there are so many who try. And different platforms can exclude certain accounts they want. So that's censoring. If I remember correctly, Steemit has done that to some accounts. Can't remember the name of the accounts.

When you say downvoted I assume you're talking about Steemit , Reddit or whatsoever app with a ratting system. I meant massive ones like Facebook, they haven't a ratting system.
If you can close accounts I think you must give a good reason for that, mainly the violation of the TOS . I won't see It as a pure censorship if it's fair . You have to state some rules or everything goes wild, doesn't It?.

It is kind of how the free markets work. What I like about Steemit involves decentralization. Yes, people should come together, work together, talk to each other, help each other out, if they want, when they want, how they want. However, that does not always happen. Some people choose not to sometimes. So, that is why people cry out for government to save them. But that is dangerous as well. The real world should be like the Wild Wild West. I'm not trolling you. What I say to you, I say to many people for many years now like I said already. I love family first values. I love freedoms. The world is a dangerous place. We live in The Walking Dead.