Day 209: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: milk

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A large tanker truck loaded with fresh milk was traveling at high speed through California’s Napa Valley when the driver swerved violently to avoid hitting a purple squirrel that was crossing the highway and lost control. A Sky-Cam News Chopper was dispatched to the scene to get video of the wreckage for local programming. Unfortunately the Chopper was flying North observing the gushing white flow from the ruptured tanker and failed to see an oncoming flight of Canadian Geese heading South. Spinning out of control from several direct hits, the Chopper made a flittering feathery crash landing in a field of ripening grapes. The reporter and pilot barely had time to scramble to safety before the damaged whirlybird burst into flames, those flames then rapidly spread through the field devastating the crop.


Of course the moral of this story is; “Don’t fly over spilled milk when birds of a feather are flocking together

This should also explain why some squirrels are purple, and if you can’t tell, I had a grape time writing this story!

**Disclaimer: I often use the freewrite prompt to tell a story instead of doing a pure freewrite, so they sometimes take longer than 5 minutes and usually have some editing. But I try to do my story straight through at one sitting without any unnecessary breaks.

All photos mine!

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Prompt: milk

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You have some mad skills!!! Blending all of those sayings together so seamlessly? BRAVO!!!

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I am telling you!! There is a purple squirrel on the loose!!

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you are having way too much fun :D LOVE IT!

Ha! Clever story and play on words! :-)

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