Prompt of the day “Rote” - This Is All I Have To Say....

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I had to look this one up!

Noun Rote

Mechanical routine; a fixed, habitual, repetitive, or mechanical course of procedure.

  • The pastoral scenes from those commercials don’t bear too much resemblance to the rote of daily life on a farm.
  • He could perform by rote any of his roles in Shakespeare.
  • Commonly found in the phrase “by rote” and in attributive use: “rote learning”, “rote memorization”, and so on.
  • Often used pejoratively in comparison with “deeper” learning that leads to “understanding”.

Definition Source Wiktionary

I have come and I have wrote but I never thought it would be rote.

My blockchain coffee in cup, my phone in hand, each day I try start the same.

Diving deep into creative thoughts my mind awakens to this enlightened rote.

If I had not discovered the #freewritehouse my morning writings may have just been lame.

For the daily prompt, the daily rote, this is all I have to say....

Least for today 😉 ....

Ohh I can’t wait to be holding my physical blockchain coffee cup 💪

It’s On It’s Way!!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Not only daily writing practice but a vocabulary lesson as well. There’s no end to the wonders of the free write house!
and without further preamble I deliver to you the prompt for today:

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Ahaha yea the lessons never stop on Steem now it’s compounded with vocabulary 😅

Always appreciate the prompt delivery 💪

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Great job with the prompt!!

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Thanks my dear 🙏

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You did good with the prompt...You did good with the did good with the prompt. 😊


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I think you got it down now! Don't we love learning new words? Grammar candy!

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Blah old English vocab sucks to try make any sense of 😒

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Doing the same ole Rote you ole goat :)

No matter how I try I just can’t stop 🤦‍♂️

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So glad that you found the Freewritehouse and writing the rote 😂

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Such an odd word no matter how you work it into a sentence it sounds like a throat clearing sound 😅

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