Prompt of the day “Mini Van” - I’ll Be Afraid Of The Mess!!!

in freewrite •  16 days ago

Why do you challenge us so.
Random prompts, nobody knows?

I’ll just do it with gusto.
Rock a van, see where this goes?

To say just the least,
It be a ballin’ ass beast!

The subs would be bumpin’,
Louder than clubs when they thumpin’!

Windows be so tinted,
Darker than eyes when they squinted!

A paint job so fresh,
I’ll be afraid of the mess!

Left on the road,
When I drop my load!

To Drag Race Your Ass In My Mini Van!

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Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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HaHa! Very entertaining and I love the conversation you were having with yourself. LOL!

Resident cat here, helping to deliver today's new prompt. Hope you are hungry.

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Thank You my friend, always appreciate the delivery ❤️

Yea I went with writing the thoughts I was having as I tried to figure out where to go with the prompt, didn’t see it working out into poetry when I started 😅

Thanks for the reminder on the favourite freewrite, Jean really caught my attention with his freewrites about our freewrites 👍

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My pleasure! I will definitely check out Jean's freewrites and thanks for letting me know. : )

So cool! I feel like I just went on a fun ride - on a minivan!


Ahhh yea it would be a ride of a lifetime 😉

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Yeah that was clean!

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Thanks bro, the idea literally evolved as I wrote 👌

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haha! The image of a mini van in a drag race is a good one.
I forgot about the tinted windows in my shit kicker brown mini van. .


Yea dude I’ve always wanted a sleeper, the vehicle with balls you would never expect haha... every red light is a race 💪

Can’t forget the tinted windows, the Po be all up on my tail with a van load of groupie otherwise 🤣🤣🤣

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Nice dude...I think you are also a great poet!!!!

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Thanks buddy, have you tried to write any poetry?

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Much appreciated ❤️

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