Blockchain Coffee Prompt “Not Normal” - Walking My Dog Around The Block With A Regular Coffee Cup In Hand

in freewrite •  4 months ago 

Heading out for the morning walk with Jerry I couldn’t find my to go #FreeWriteHouse cup, I must’ve left it at work! I needed that cup for my Blockchain Coffee picture, ended up taking my non-to go cup around the block with me and I was consistently getting looks of bewilderment.

I clearly heard “freewritehouse” come off the tongue of a young lad snickering as I walked passed a group of kids in front of the school smoking.

Had a lady walking past stare at the cup when I said “good morning” no response.

Some dude driving past while I was standing in our driveway with Jerry slowed down and gestures as if I was doing something wrong.

Is walking my dog around the block with a regular coffee cup in hand really that not normal?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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LOL it’s incredible how quickly people will pretend something is weird because there is another way of doing it. It amazes me honestly.

All in a days work posturing themselves 😅 waist of energy if you ask me!

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Excellent thank you

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Dunka 🙌

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That coffee cup is everything...

Yes it is and luckily I found my Togo cup washed for me at work, someone had a little time to kill 😅

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Haha @d00k13, people don’t like changes.

People don’t seem to like anything if you ask enough of them!

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People are scared to what is different. I heard that on a movie once, I think it's true.

We fear what we do not know, that you are correct 👌

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