The Mad Millionaire : Day 211: 5 Minute Freewrite

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I've known him since when I was young, a story was told of how he smoked himself into madness, such a young chap he was as the story goes, he also has this aura of good luck all around him, a brilliant mathematician as he writes equations and solve some problems for us when we come to him in his calm state, I think he's a genius.

The holiday is drawing to a close and closing for the day these people just came in to do a promo, they danced and sang to all our amazement and we enjoyed every bit of it, then came the raffle draw for a million Naira price, each one is meant to swing the basket and pick one paper each containing different prize, each did and came out with ridiculous prizes, we all thought the one million naira prizes was just a joke to lure us in, when everyone was through the organizer asked if there is any left before he could finish his statement, the mad man raise us his hand, he has earned our respect as our out of class tutor and we let him pass, with this confidence I can't explain he swing the basket and dipped his hand in, the organizer collected the paper and announced to everyone amazement the One million naira cash prize is his.
We all couldn't believe our eyes.


The above story is a response to a prompt by @mariannewest in #freewrite challenge.



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I would say he has an aura of good luck!