I'm back We - write 😝😘

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Hey guys ,
I just wanted to try We- write , let's see.

“So, just give me the basics,” she barked at him.


“Man up soldier!” she yelled at his face. A little spittle flew between her yellowed teeth along with a piece of broccoli, both landing firmly on his glasses.

His fevered brain couldn’t make heads or tails of what he’d just seen, and he certainly couldn’t wrap his head around why she called him soldier. They were both tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower on the same day. He had never met this gigantic woman before in his life. He regretted being the only English speaking person here.

He swiped his glasses off with the cuff of his sleeve, leaving streaks behind.

“Well, what do you think it was? What was that big boom just now!?”

“It looked--” he began not wanting to believe his own eyes. But as he tried to finish his sentence, a large shadow covered the clear blue sky. They both turned to look towards the heavens. His knees trembled as his worst fears were coming to life.

The whole area became dark , and suddenly the little boy standing next to the giant woman dissappeared , people were all screaming in panic. Nobody knew what was happening. But he knew , it was the end , the world was going to end.
She was still yelling at him at the top of her voice , but all he could hear was keeeeeeeee
At last he really manned up and said to her with tears in his eyes and grabbing her shoulders , World is ending...world is ending ..haha ..
He looked like a crazy person. When suddenly a really strange voice came up from the heavens . It was more like a scream... Like a low pitched dragon sound. And suddenly something really huge and dark came and took the giant lady , bit he didn't let go off her. Oh god , that thing took her , and left her hand with him. Blood was pouring... He could feel his hands and feet trembling in fear. He didn't know what was going to happen next...the sweat droplets from his forehead fell onto his shirt.

My part in Spanish translation

Toda el área se oscureció, y de repente el niño pequeño de pie junto a la mujer gigante desapareció, la gente estaba gritando de pánico. Nadie sabía lo que estaba pasando. Pero él sabía, que era el fin , que el mundo iba a terminar.
Ella todavía le gritaba en voz alta, pero todo lo que podía oír era keeeeeee
Por fin él realmente se levantó y le dijo con lágrimas en los ojos y agarrando sus hombros, el Mundo se está acabando...el mundo se está acabando ..jaja .
Parecía un loco. Cuando de repente una voz realmente extraña vino de los cielos . Fue más como un grito... Como un sonido de dragón de tono bajo. Y de repente algo realmente grande y oscuro vino y se llevó a la dama gigante, mordió que no la soltara. Oh Dios, esa cosa se la llevó, y dejó su mano con él. La sangre estaba diluviando... Podía sentir sus manos y pies temblando de miedo. No sabía lo que iba a pasar después...las gotas de sudor de su frente cayó sobre su camisa.

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What a gruesome ending!!! do you speak Spanish as well? What a good idea to have it in translation as well!!
Also, do you have Steembasicincome on autovote for 100%? It increases your vote.... Just saying :)

Not really , but I love new languages , and I thought I'll translate too , I keep seeing translation , and I got that urge to do it. Hahaha I hope it makes sense though.

since I don't speak Spanish, I don't know. But I love that you are watching out for our Spanish Freewriters!!

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I thought I had sis ... But I don't see much difference in my votes.. 😅😅 lemme check again.

It's this right sis ❤️?

I think you want to have them in your fan - not curation trail. That way, you give them a vote and it will increase your upvote.

Ahhhh so much blood! That poor woman never saw it coming!