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TAKE CARE (5-minute Freewrite)

a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson

TAKE CARE - a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson
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"Take care," she said. Florence Withers waved to her son Devon as he climbed into his car. He was leaving for college today, and the event broke her heart. "I want you back in one piece!"

Time passed with the slow plodding of an old mule tilling a familiar field. Mrs. Withers' knitted and crocheted. She read and watched sunsets. She was alone, but she was content. Her Devon was safe at school, preparing for his future.

In the middle of the night, her phone rang with the shrill cry of a banshee. Florence bolted upright in her bed. The tassle of her nightcap caught under her pillow and pulled off, leaving her hair jutting up and out at odd angles.

Three days later a car marked with state emblems arrived. Reflective gold lettering on the black vehicle read 'Coroner.' Two men got out of the car carrying a small box each.


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Death comes with no prior informant. I lost my sister recently,it was weird! One minute she was there and next she wasn't. I still don't know how my mom got the strength to go through it. I call her almost everyday now, cos she's becoming too quiet.


I am so sorry for you loss @wems
My father died recently also

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😭😭😭 No parents would want this to happen.

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This one is too sad.