A PowerFul Truth - FreedomTribe Challenge - Using Poetry To Create Anew!

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A powerful Truth!
this knowing we all carry,
this power that burns like fire inside.

Denied and oppressed,
what are we really trying to hide?

For we are ancient,
we span a age of no time,
our spirits Wandering in sync
with unaccomplished dreams,
what have we left to think?

that we have nothing to achieve?
that all this knowledge locked within,
by years of doubt.
left with feelings unrealized,
our personal growth, experiencing severe drought,
and yes failure is expected
we are blinded by our words
how we feel, is what we have projected
and now we proceed as if in herds.

But what of this thought?
what of these words?
the idea of dawning
and recreating towards,
this existence of
Asking questions
where we Speak no lie,
and All this time
our Heads held high.
to Flow in motion
where Time stands still
Creating new shadows
awaiting to begin.

To flow and break away
to create anew
to feed this fire that burns inside,
to reconnect and break through!

Individual awakening,
empowerment at last.
This is our Truth,
this is how we rise up, from our past!

This is my entry into the @freedomtribe's, Truth challenge.


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That is some powerful truth poetically realized 🙂

I love it TL-Fam. I'm too tired at the moment to delve into poetic analysis of the devices that really grab me... so I'll just leave it simple.

Love it 👍🔥🔥🔥

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thank you @raj808, that is a huge compliment coming from you, I hope you are well xx

Ah, commented on your WS blog for this one - love it, and imagine you doing it as a spoken word. Powerful stuff. I hope more people write poetry for this challenge - I'm going to try and brew one myself!

oh I will have to check it out, my girls are still a bit poorly so still not online much, thank you my lovely friend xx

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thanks so much xx

Powerful poetry that reveals a human behavior similar to the rocking of the waves of the sea, advances in some aspects, but backs down in others that are essential, such as the connection with itself and with the whole.
The true power is internal, beats in the passion that we put to life and dreams, we need to understand it.
Regards, appreciated @trucklife-family.

so nice to see you again @zeleiracordero and thank you for the lovely feedback xx

THANK YOU for entering @freedomtribe's TRUTH challenge.

The profound truth f our ancient, eternal selves - what could be more fundamental? Somehow I was transfixed by the hourglass shapes in your poem, which somehow reiterated the ancient time idea. Resteemed.

Good luck with your entry!!

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thank you, and thanks for the inspiring me with this wonderful challenge xx

That's so wonderfully articulated in the form of poetry @trucklife-family. Truth is powerful and it carries a lot of power with it.

thank you @nainaztengra

Beautiful and powerful poem!
Yes to

Individual awakening,
empowerment at last.
This is our Truth,
this is how we rise up, from our past!

thank you @porters xx

It's always a pleasure to read you work, which always reminds me of the powers within that are the most easily forgotten, given the distractions of trying to live so as to break no laws. I'm not sure what I'm saying here, but I am sure your poem got me to thinking, my favorite kind of poem. Thank you.

thanks so much @owasco, I am glad it got you thinking x