Tribe Update: New Curation-Room Rule, Causes We Support, and Call to Action for Chief Council Members

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We will use these Tribe Updates as a public update for tribe members, but also a transparent newsletter for the Chief Council. If you haven’t seen the introduction or the previous update , please read those first.


New Rule for the Curation-Room

Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 1.59.27 PM.png

We are making changes to the curation-room . now when you post in that room, you must vote on one of the posts before yours. It will be a bit difficult to monitor so please add an 👍 or some kind emoji 😃 so I can see it. This is an effort to create more interaction so commenting would really be appreciated as well, but we wouldn't want spammy comments so we just encourage you to comment if anything meaningful comes to mind.

Thank you for this suggestion, @mrprofessor!🙏 It has already made so much more interaction in the community! Plus all the emojis just make the curation-room more interesting to look at!😍 Certain people have chosen certain emojis to show they were there 🐿️, some just add to the number of the upvote emojis or anything in between, but the upvotes and comments on each others post are what it is really about! ❤

Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 2.10.14 PM.png
The emojis have actually become one of the coolest parts of the curation-room! While slots are open tribe members can upload an image for their custom emoji for their sign in the curation-room!


Causes We Support

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In the last update, I mentioned that we would be supporting certain charitable causes and giving members a chance to allocate part of their delegation to support these causes. Because I have just started this initiative no one has had enough time to give any support to these causes, yet.

I am starting things off by delegating 5000 SP to go towards auto voting organizational accounts and also upping the percentage of the auto vote for our 3 Venezuelan tribe members.

In order to raise the percentages of those upvotes and keep voting power high enough, we will need more Steemians to step up and delegate for those causes! Any amount of delegation towards any of the causes we support would be greatly appreciated!

You might noticed that we are heavy on causes that support Venezuela. That's because we recently scoured the Venezuelan community to do the Spread the Love #14 :: VENEZUELA EDITION

First 5 Causes We Are Officially Supporting

Freedom Tribe is currently able to auto vote on these projects thanks to generous delegators like @happymoneyman and @immarojas! Please check out these awesome organizations and consider donating STEEM/SBD or upvoting for a good cause!

@tarcHelping homeless dogs in Central Appalachia.
@adollaradayA Dollar A Day is charitable giving project based on daily donations of 1 SBD per day. The project was founded by @pennsif in November 2017.
@littledisciplesWe are a group of young people working for Venezuelan children and families.
@walkofhopeBringing MUSIC & ARTS, teaching local craft workshops as means of livelihood to the underpriviledged Filipinos all over the country.
@oneopportunityCharity project for children in venezuela, driven by the blockchain.


Chief Council Call to Action

Council Members: @lindselambz, @exe8422, @mariannewest, @elamental, @happymoneyman, @dynamicrypto, @enginewitty, @immarojas, @riverflows, @mrprofessor, @eaglespirit

If you haven’t, please also read the last update

I would like to start seeing Growth Fund Proposals

We have liquid STEEM and SBD continuing to grow in the @freedomtribe and @steemamor accounts. We have many different options for those funds including: powering them up, donating to causes we support, and/or anything that will grow the tribe and our mission in a healthy, sustainable way.

Specifically, I would like to see detailed proposals that show accounting for the proposed use of the budget. You could submit a full plan with in-depth accounting for everything or a proposal for a specific idea along with how much of the budget you want to fund it with.

We have come together under some basic core values and now that we have enough active members to get started, let’s share our ideas on how to move forward.


Because of the upvotes @freedomtribe has received from @tribesteemup and the 1000 SP delegations from @happymoneyman and @immarojas, I have decided to delegated 5000 SP to get the support started for these worthy projects. That puts us over 10,000 SP!



Join us on the Freedom Tribe Discord to learn more!


Delegate 10 SP 20 SP 30 SP 50 SP 100 SP 200 SP 300 500 SP 1000 SP to @freedomtribe

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Amazing initiatives we all pitch in a little and you have near half your SP in it! Way to lead the charge! As for growth fund proposals I think a community coin through SMT's via steemit to reward different interactions throughout the community daily increasing interaction within the community.


That has been on my mind since the beginning! It's really exciting that you are thinking about that as well! I have been considering the possibility of a front-end or at least the Community/SMT when the time comes!


No time like the present my friend! SMT's are scheduled to finish around 6 months from now and HardFork20 should be done before a month from now! People not powering up will regret missing this train! I am surprised so many invest in EOS while that is going to sit stagnant for a couple years or more before they have near as much as steemit has going on now. The fact they are launched as an ico without a working product it is illegal to invest or mine if in the U.S. or Canada... The SEC is going to get all over this company getting Americans around the red tape to invest...(aka breaking laws) wait for that crash... This @dan guy is smart but he lacks common sense, both of us are prior naval intelligence and I am sticking with dorky ass @ned cause he knows how to fix this, people just are not listening to him over the haters and will see before a year they messed up! I see all the initiatives @ned delegates to through @misterdelegation and just wish it was not all 100% business and he would delegate a bit of that to people that make a difference like @richardcrill and many more we all love to support!

Horaaaaay, thanks for mentioning me @freedomtribe, but this is actually something we do on @travelfeed (Steemit Travellers Discord), so I just imported the idea ^~

I love the vibes on the channel, lot's of positivity and creation


I've just noticed this travel feed. I think will have to get back to travel writing especially on @thedodgemahal!


That would be epic @richardcrill, or maybe you'll buy that bicycle so I can curate you on my project @cyclefeed.

very nice post and i didn't know my lady @immarojas is here! woot! so happy to see her and what a beautiful group this is becoming. loving this immensely.


Awe, thank you for saying so! I could not be happier with all you awesome people!


@freedomtribe oh yeah, this group along with the other two is going to be soooo interesting!


Thanks @eaglespirit, melts my heart. You don't fancy becoming a chieftress with eagle's feathers, do you? Of course, my vote goes to anyone who wants it @richardcrill😍😍😍


i have eagle feathers and i am on the chief council. so i was saying nice to see you here bc i havent seen you in chat. maybe its the time zone differences? glad to see you in the group imma!!!!


She just joined the tribe @eaglespirit! So happy to be working with you both!

Thank you so much for your support for A Dollar A Day.


Thank YOU for the amazing work you do! As we were looking for people to help for the Venezuela edition of "Spread the Love", we kept noticing @adollaraday already supports all these great projects! We hope we can add to what you are doing! You are awesome.


oooh whats that? 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

Freedomtribe rocks! Thank you so much for remembering @tarc and all the doggos. It means more than you can possibly imagine. :-)


How could we forget! Your passion for those pups warms our heart so much! Thank you for remembering those poor ones that were forgotten!

love it! happy to see this project growing and organizing and serving the people <3


@mountainjewel! Thank you for saying so! You are the exact type of steemian we want to attract to the tribe! I hope you will consider joining :)

Excellent community and organization, we are working for you and for a nation with amphor and epseranza, many thanks.

Amazing. I love how this channel is growing - it's just inspiring!!!

Thank you for the updates. And I am glad that we are supporting our friends in Venezuela. Had times are upon them. And in way too many other places in the world...
A question. Are saying that people are dedicating their delegation to upvote the charity accounts and that is separate from the other upvoting?


Yes, exactly. So part of your delegation can for you and part the account you choose.

Really great to see the Tribe growing and supporting such great causes xx