Tribe Update: New Memberships and Developments

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New Memberships are Now Open!

New memberships are open once again! Be aware that although you can join without asking for your account to be reviewed , delegating and following the trail does not necessarily equal automatic membership if you do not not follow our two rules:

  1. No hatred or abuse towards anyone
  2. Promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms.

Team Changes

@dynamicgreentk is no longer a content hunter, but @lindseylambz is now hunting content and writing @freedomtribe’s “Spread the Love” curation reports! @exe8422 continues to be the content hunter for the Spanish community and his curation reports are on @steemamor!

Chief Council

I am putting together what I am currently calling the Chief Council that will start with 7 members as a governing body for how to manage funds and the tribe in general. The council will vote on proposals needing a majority to move forward. The steem and SBD that has been earned so far has been a group effort and I think it is only fair for the group to have an opportunity to have some say on how the funds are used.

We already have the first 7 Chief Council Members!


The number of council positions and who occupies those positions will change based on who the most active tribe members are and how big the tribe gets. The tribe will be limited in its size at some point, as will the size of the council, most likely at a max of 21 members much like the Steem Witnesses.

Proposals that the council will vote on in the future may include:

  • Growth fund proposals detailing how to use funds
  • Eligibility for receiving Freedom Tribe endorsement
  • Applicants to join the tribe

Council Goals

We won’t need participation from all council members all the time, but we would need at least 4 yes votes to move forward on proposals. Participation would of course be limited to the amount of time the council member has to give. If they were not able to vote on several proposals in a row, we could simply rotate in a more active tribe member through voting.

Tribe Goals

We have developed a steady, sustainable growth plan that allows for at least 50,000 to 100,000 Steem Power in delegations from members and supporters in the first year. At that point we will have more powerful upvotes that will be controlled by a council of members whose stated goal is to support life, freedom, truth, love, and, happiness in all forms!

There are people in many places in the world that can and are drastically affected by upvotes that have real value for them. One of the awesome powers of Steem is the history and continued dedication to getting Steem into the hands of people all over the world that can benefit the most from it.

Upgrades to the Tribe

@Mariannewest has given us two genius ideas and we are moving forward with both of them.

Spread the Love with Your Delegation!

Now, when you join Freedom Tribe, not only can you receive rewards for your delegation, you can choose accounts that you want to support by allocating some or even all of your delegation/rewards to support them!

Support Organizations and People that are clearly making a Positive Impact

We will research charitable organizations, provide a report, and give members the option to delegate small amounts of SP to support these vetted projects. The goal would be to become a kind of crowdfunding support system for charity and non-profit organizations.

@freedomtribe Witness Proxy

Freedom Tribe is a new Steem community that promotes life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness. We support witnesses that support our values and our projects like @steemfestdreams.

The witnesses that @freedomtribe currently votes on are:

@gtg, @jesta, @roelandp, @timcliff, @ausbitbank, @aggroed, @xeldal, @riverhead, @busy.witness, @pharesim, @teamsteem, @nextgencrypto, @arcange, @fyrst-witness, @steempress, @complexring, @mahdiyari, @enginewitty, and @happymoneyman

We expect to fill out the rest of our witness votes over the next few weeks as we continue to research the witnesses that are actively supporting the Steem ecosystem.

To set @freedomtribe as your proxy:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, where it says: "You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. This will reset your current witness selection." Underneath that, type "freedomtribe"
  3. Click SET PROXY and you should see this screen:

Join us on the Freedom Tribe Discord to learn more!


Delegate 10 SP 20 SP 30 SP 50 SP 100 SP 200 SP 300 500 SP 1000 SP to @freedomtribe

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Killer developments. I love the idea of growing the group the having a positive impact through decisions. The counsel is a cool is too

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Good idea with the council, happy to be a part and do my part😎

Thank you so much for organizing this. I see great things in the future!!


Thank you for the excellent input right off the bat!

I'm delighted to hear these developments. It is great that as a group we can make a difference! Thank you to those on the counsel, for stepping up into leadership roles.

I'm loving the vibe withing the group and how like minded everyone is, let's keep positivism, enthusiasm and encourage people to keep on working.

Horrray to the free folk.

Outstanding developments! @steemresources comes to mind when you mentioned

There are people in many places in the world that can and are drastically affected by upvotes that have real value for them.

Last night a Steemian asked me if I had any help available for Venezuela.
I dedicated this account to their community & put another on their trail.
@steemitresources I have upvoting another great community (#steemrural) in india that spreads steemit by going door-to-door sharing it with strangers and neighbors .
That was one of the main reasons I joined your group because you guys help so many now my penny helps each community and just look forward to others pitching in a penny to help these communities and others.


Thank you @dynamicrypto! I'm checking out your projects! Venezuela definitely comes to mind as being a place that really could really use Steem. That sounds like an amazing project in Rural India! Can I go?lol Seriously, that is awesome. I am definitely interested in working in those directions


Outstanding, maybe we can hold a meetup and both of us go out there to meet them one day also! Even Venezuela in some time... hopefully they are safe very soon!


Well, I love that idea! If that would actually be possible, that could be an amazing thing! I think for a lot of people it would take live demonstrations and walkthroughs on everything, which I personally love doing!

There are two members of Freedom Tribe currently in Venezuela, I am throwing them some extra personal upvotes and starting to form an idea for helping Venezuelans in a more organized way. We may need to figure out how to have a Chief Council meeting soon!


Outstanding, shoot me those Names and I'll have them added to the Curation trail that is upvoting Venezuelans.


This is great news, how can new members join the tribe?


After joining the discord, its layed out from there.

well done my dear friend, very nice article.