Spreading the Love #14 :: VENEZUELA EDITION

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This edition of Spreading the Love is dedicated to helping promote Steemians/Organizations that are helping Venezuela in the midst of an economic crises. Hyperinflation of the currency and mass upheaval from disastrous government control has made a horrible situation which could use our attention.

Steemit is one of the most unique, generous, and proactive communities that exists- surely we can all come together and do our part to ensure everyone has the right to experience life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness.


Our goal at @freedomtribe is to support passionate content creators that are doing what they love! We promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms. Our only rule beyond that is no hatred or abuse towards anyone. In these curation reports, we will be showcasing posts that we are voting on from both members and non-members.

How do I join Freedom Tribe and become a member?

First, we encourage you to join The Freedom Tribe Discord

You become a member by delegating SP and following our curation trail at any %. You will gain post promotion abilities and other benefits discussed in this post:

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the posts below and show them some love with upvotes and comments. We have chosen these posts because they exemplify the kind of consciously created content that we love to see. We hope you love it, too!


Ways to Support Venezuela



@lopzdaniel, one of our very own Freedom Tribe members from Venezuela, runs the @littledisciples foundation with his wife. They first began in the summer of 2017 and since that time are serving around 166 (probably more by now) children and young people in their community by empowering them to become agents of change. Check out their @littledisciples account & you’ll see how impactful your donations are to the children & families in their community.




@adolloraday is a charitable giving project created by @pensif that operates on a daily donation of 1 SBD, which pooled together with other donations, can make an incredible difference in people's lives. They’re currently donating to some organizations that are trying to help our fellow Venezuelan Steemians. We’re so thankful that organizations like @adollaraday exist on Steemit! Please consider delegating 1 SBD a day, even if you only have enough to commit for a few days - any amount is greatly appreciated. For all the details on how to support this effort, make sure to check out this post from @adollarday!




@oneopportunity, one of the many causes that @adollaraday supports, is a charity project that seeks to aid children in Venezuela that are experiencing extreme poverty. One look at this post and you can see the dedication and commitment shown by @oneopportunity to make a difference in their community. They are also totally transparent and show exactly how their donations are being used, providing numerous photos of the very people your donations are helping. @oneopportunity is clearly doing some amazing work in Venezuela right now - please consider supporting this cause!




@dynamicrypto, another one of our awesome Freedom Tribe members, recently shared in one of his posts a couple of different ways you can start making a difference for our own Steemians that are in the midst of the Venezuelan crisis.

You can either follow @orincones curation trail OR delegate Steem Power to @steemitresources curation trail - they are only voting on Venezuelans at the moment. Make sure to check out his post for all the details!


Our Spanish curation report on @steemamor is also highlighting Venezuelan content creators! Thank you to our awesome Spanish content hunter @exe8422 for all of your hard work! 🙏Freedom Tribe also has 3 Venezuelan members: @lopzdaniel, @ojap02, and @charlotteneko.

You can also delegate to @freedomtribe to increase the auto vote for causes-we-support If you know of any more organizations on Steemit that are doing good work to support those in Venezuela or others in need, please let us know in the comments! 👍


Join us on the Freedom Tribe Discord to learn more!


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OOOh Wow Thank you very much, that emotion to read this post, there hope for my nation, thanks to the tribe of freedom to help the communities in need, God bless you a lot


Thank YOU @lopzdaniel! Hopefully more recognition and support will come to the work you're doing!

Thank you so much for doing this @freedomtribe! The situation in Venezuela is getting harder by the day and it is nice to have information about initiatives that are willing to provide help!


There really are some great initiatives that are worth our support :)

noice!! love this post!! whottt you found some amazing initiatives. @cryptosharon and @lunaticpandora check this out. @battleaxe whatcha think? @natubat here are some great initiatives to think about! @mariannewest heres a great way to help VZ. awesomesauce award @freedomtribe!!

@enginewitty can we incorporate any of this into YAH? :)


Oh yeaaah! Spread the love!


@freedomtribe woo hooooo spreading spreading .... sp re a d i nnn gggg :p

Absolutely beautiful works.

I have a lot of Venezuelan friends on Steemit and it's life changing what the cryptocurrencies do for them.

From a brazilian friend, at this moment, all I can do is hope that they pass through the storm like us brazilians one day passed too.


Thank you @mrprofessor. Yeah, I'm really glad to see Steem being used to make a difference in crazy times.

This is a great reminder of how Steemit is a WORLD_WIDE community. Thank you for promoting those that are lending a helping hand to other countries. Blessings.


Thank you! It really is awesome to see these organizations that are doing such good work with the Steem blockchain!

Thank you so much for highlighting A Dollar A Day here.

It is very much appreciated.

There are many people and organisations doing excellent and much needed good works in Venezuela. A Dollar A Day is doing as much as it can to support them.

Our team is really happy to read this publication, it fills us with courage to keep working, and we are very happy that you appreciate what we do.

Thank you very much this publication was excellent, and we sent you thousands of blessings and love.

Receive our sincere thanks from the entire team of the foundation, are part of those beautiful people who help us continue to believe and fight for our nation..

logo steemit @littledisciples 2.png


thank you