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As he announced, a few days ago the prophetic word for this year: it is a year where God extends his arm, shows us the way, and widens our territories.

It is a time of changes, of work, of faith, of putting into practice everything we have learned along the way.
One of the valuable things that we must appreciate in all this time is the vision, the disposition that @sirknight has had to promote the common good, I believe that he has adopted us as his children, in spite of our mistakes, we know that he loves us, and each step, each strategy, is made with the gift of a heart to carry that freedom that we long for, and that will be carried out by the hand of God, but the effort and perseverance of each one of us, I understand that the Most always resist change, but God has endowed us with wisdom and a very special leader, who guides us with the best of intentions, beforehand, on behalf of my brothers I thank you for your good will and desire to take Steemchurch to the expansion.

It is also understandable that technology for some is a delight, for others, it costs a little more, I want with this message to create the necessary incentive to analyze, define basic aspects, and support @sirknight in his vision of bringing Steemchurch to "Telos" .

For more information, you can read the message at the following link:

The SteemChurch has registered Telos Proxy voting account 'freedomquest'.
Telos address - freedomquest
Steem address @freedomquest

The one who has the information, has the power, then, without wasting time, we go into what is telos, its benefits, and find relevant information, for example, in Venezuela there is a Telos, led by a team of system administrators, and it is no coincidence that in countries like this, is considered one of the main players for the use of this network, watch the introductory video.

I love the idea that our country is looking for solutions with the potential of its human talents, I took part of this image and I made an edition, you can also visit:, for more information.

Telos is a software or bifurcation of code of EOS.IO, The Telos Foundation is an organization of promotion and financing dedicated to the advancement of the Telos Blockchain network.
Telos, is a sister network of EOS that proposes significant changes to the current structure of several projects and that promises a different approach to governance over the blockchain. Its presentation is great "Blockchain perfect"

In a country like Venezuela, the promotion and integration of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is more than an investment, it is a way to obtain freedom and opportunities for a better future.

Relevant Characteristics:

1.-Oriented to programmers
2.-DPoS speed
3.-Good governance

The objective of the Telos Foundation is to grant grants to groups that promote necessary network functions that can not be supported by the workers' proposals.

You can also use the frequently asked questions about telos in:

Telos partners in the world

Follow Telos online and get more information!







In Venezuela are promoting these technological tools in a powerful way, we can use social networks to establish some necessary connections, for BP representatives, sure there are many interested.
Soon I hope to have good news, which will be given at the time, and encourage them to follow this path to freedom, trusting that in the hands of God are our times, and this is the time of the "crusade for freedom"

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above, from the father of lights, in which there is no change, no shadow of variation, the last word always has God, meanwhile, hands to work, the responsibility of the Christian, it is not only to preach, but to live what it preaches, faith without works is dead, then, let us look at the target, which is Jesus Christ, his plans and purposes are eternal.


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Thank you for your valuable research and support in this Telos matter Sister D.

It is fantastic to see a Venezuelan block producer in the top 21. It was inevitable that the SteemChurch would soon make contact - thankyou for moving so quickly on this.


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Always ready @sirknight to establish the kingdom on earth, thank you for thinking of the neighbor, Telos, has a bright future!

This interesting...

I must explore and learn more.


Thank you mr @pennsif, no doubt you will find very valuable information.

Fabulous Darlenys, both you and Sirknight have the support of the community and as always leaving high the title of leadership that characterizes them. Blessings


Blessings for you @rubenmedian182, God with you at every moment, I know you have much to contribute in this community.

It is a great move by our Great Knight to extend the frontiers of @Steemchurch to Telos while Telos is still in its adoptive stage. @Sirknight is always foresighted. God bless Him.
Thanks @Darlenys01 for this awesome research.


thank you, brother @uyobong.

Very good @ darlenys01, always with the viison of our leader @ sirknight, it is very interesting what I could read here, I did not know that telos had also in Venezuela, it's time to learn a little more. Thanks for being that brave woman, always at front with the necessary ideas to support the church.

as always my beloved @darlenys01, you are in charge of each step of steemchurch, supporting our leader @sirknight and encouraging us to follow that call, of unity and collaboration. God bless your life, he will respond.Telos, very interesting and has important benefits, you see a good future.

I will investigate about it, actually I'm still not very familiar, very interesting @darlenys01.


In the message are all the links @opibarker, do not worry, on the way we are straightening the steps.