As a mainland Chinese, I know exactly what they fight for. Frankly, I was also a victim of the CCP tranny who has to flee far away from home. We the real Chinese patriot and dissidents don even have any room or space to fight back for ourselves. As the Chinese who pro the Republic of China, we stand with Hong Kong people. I 've known there are lots of people in China who were locked up just because of supporting Hong kong people fight for their own rights. even though we are enslaved by CCP, it doesn't mean we are ignorant. yes, there are still a large number of Chinese people lost their mind or being brainwashed, but I have the conviction that the darkness will be enlightened, sooner or later the dawn must come! at that time we Chinese people will honor each other fight for ourselves exactly like Hong Kong people are doing right now!

I have to apologize here to all Hong Kong people, I know I should physically sand with you guys against the common enemy, but I can't. there is no room leave to us to fight like what u r doing! THEY CONTROLLED EVERYTHING, THEY WILL USE OUR FAMILY AND OUR FRIENDS TO THREATEN AND FORCE US. If anyone exposes himself to the public for supporting HongKong , his entire family will get involved and implicated. the parents may face to the dismissal, the kids may dismiss from school! They are the true evil , using the family who is the people we most love to enslave us!

Right now, it's you, hong kong people, the last chance. Don't back down, otherwise they will spread their slavery system to Hongkong. They will use everyone you loved to enslave you.....



Thank you for your support, it means a lot to Hong Kongers. Hopefully we will live to see the day where everyone is free from Chinazi

Stay strong and don't give up! It took us 4 years of protests to get rid of a corrupted government yet some important figures are still in power.

Thanks to reply, Chinazi won’t last long. Chinazi is playing the role like Soviet Union from Cold War. hong kong freedom fighters draw attentions from all over the world during this new Cold War between US-China. I don think CCP have the guts to do the Tiananman crackdown nowadays again especially in Hong Kong which has the free speech,free press and free media.

Be safe and keep the protesting until the end, Glory will be back to Hong Kong again. Not only hongkong people need this victory, the entire civilized world need it, the entire human being need the Hong Kong free. right now the Hong Kong human right bill is in the process of senate voting,the world won’t leave the Hong Kong people behind!

万事小心,荣光一定会归于香港的 保重。

The front liners in Hong Kong have been battling non stop for many months now. Many have given up so much for the cause and are prepared to die for it should the worse come to the worse.

For those not on ground to support them, all I ask is for the international community to help spread the word about what is happening, to your friends and family and via social media.

The world needs to know what is happening in Hong Kong, how people's liberty is being eroded day by day, how a normal person going to work can be arrested for no reason, how the police are charging into university campuses and accusing students of illegal assembly, how they are firing tear gas left right and center with disregard to public safety.

Hong Kong is not and has never asked for independence. All we ask for is the democracy and freedom due to us. We fully understand that we can't do this alone, and any international support we can get, no matter how big or small will help one step forward to achieve this.

Thank you for bringing international attention to this issue. The Recruitment Office tells me that the HK Police Farce will soon need recruits to replace our attrition. Some photogenic white monkeys would make for perfect WeChat stories and press shots. Did I just say press shots? Excuse me peppering about some spicy humour - brings us all to tears. Seriously though, did you know HKPF now sources tear gas from more countries than we did mere months ago? Yes, such is our commitment to diversity!

The only reason hong kong is allowed the protests is because china doesn't yet have a full administrative presence there. The protesters know they won't be able to protest if china is in full control.

They obviously wouldn't want to be in the position Muslim Uighyurs or Falun Gong members are in. The CCP has killed at least 2000 Falun Gong members and an unknown number of Muslims and Gong members for organ harvesting.

I did say "unknown number of Muslims and Gong members". The 2000 fig is from a confirmed source.

We at HKPF support the rights of China citizens to hold peaceful demonstrations supportive of the regime and against our obvious enemies. For balance other protest gathering are also allowed but three or more people constitutes an illegal assembly. Careful walking home from school there kids.

guys in HK really know how to fight for their rights we have to say

HSBC just shut down bank accounts for Hong Kong anti-extradition bill events, as reported by the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

I.E. closing accounts for protesting demonstrations.


All my heart and my support and with you people of Hong Kong. The independence of Algeria and Hong Kong and all countries led by criminal crooks.
I live in Algeria we protest against this indirect colonization for 9 months
and these weeks which comes, its determinant but the world does not speak.

The peoples of the world are beginning to understand that the place of crooks and in prison, and not to be leaders, and that's thanks to the alert launcher in the world, but the ongoing fight and the crooks do not let go business, he used to triumph even after the revolutions, and the history of humanity prove it today countries that are not run by families of criminals and crooks are rare, and the crooks do anything to destroy them like the democrat party in Sweden which is a scammers' party funded by rogue families to destroy the Scandinavian model, but fortunately the Swedes have not fallen into their trap. for the good of the people is necessary to follow the example of the Nordic countries. (Scandinavian) studied their history how it came to become the only countries to the people are free to good triumph over evil.
it must be understood that Scandinavia is not just about the history of the Vikings, so you understand how Scandinavia and become a model to follow,
it is necessary to study the history of Sweden from the time of Gustave Vasa until modern times.
and you will see how the world tried to destroy Sweden, and its model to deliver corrupt or powers,
but thanks or Swedish people and these good leader (it is necessary always to supervise the leaders even if it is good) it not succeeded. alore for a new Constitution can draw inspiration from the Swedish constitution is also from all the good ideas that gives power to the people as the good idea of ​​Citizenship Initiative Referendum the (ric) that was requested by the yellow vests which represent the French people. and who has been refused by the government of scammers and French criminals who support criminals around the world and on everything else, and who do everything to prevent Africa from developing.

downvoted, for the same reason you downvoted others.

Where the heck is your thumbnail?

and I believe that this is definitely low-quality and low-effort post.

The comments are the point of this post, and a pretty important topic that hasn’t had much coverage on Steem yet.

I think I would like to see the rewards done differently, but at this time it’s the only form of promotion- which gets it seen.

Perhaps you should be reading and curating the actual discussion, as most are better than the content I see you fighting over anyways.

Isn’t sharing information like this, in first person, one of the reasons to fight for decentralized platform that encourages peer to peer sharing of information or content?

I expect more from a investor like yourself tbh. Perhaps take another look at the point here, rather than a past feud.

This is bound to happen, event in mainland China it will happen, because once people's survival and comfort is settled than the really struggle for freedom and liberty starts.

Once the survival process is taken care of, than only ideas matters to People and that is what is happening in Hong Kong and that is what will happen in China too.

This has happened in china once. And they were brutally suppressed with military force. Ever heard of the tank man?

People's survival and comfort has little to do with the struggle for freedom and liberty. The chinese people have rebelled in many areas even when they weren't living comfortably.

I was just pointing out that till now china has ruled with an absolute iron fist, and that is one of the reason of its fast paced economic development.

But iron fist will not work on People who are empowered with education, ideas and economic well being. As more and more Chinese people are becoming affluent, demand for freedom and liberty will grab more attention.

Earlier there were only one tank man and few others who were struggling for their rights and freedom but as number will increase government will find itself in tight spot.

I think now Chinese government should think about becoming more liberal and open to new ideas slowly slowly.

Not sure I agree. As the middle class rises, comfort also rises. As long as the government can provide them with that, protests are unlikely. Those who are not wealthy are typically trapped behind the Great Firewall, completely oblivious to what's going on.

In fact, my extremely wealthy friend here essentially wished death upon the HK people at one point, genuinely emotitonally anngered and upset by their brutish uncivilized behaviour. Does that sound like the narrative of an affluent, empowered individual?

This person is very well educated, with VPN access, but their natural state of media consumption is casual, so they only get the one side: HK kids are evil.

I don't really see any evidence that people are increasing in frustration at the CCP. And those that do simply say they'd rather not talk about it because everything they do is tracked and watched

In that context I also think if government is taking care of people's aspirations, it is all fine all good

But those wealthy people are ok and ignorant only untill they begin to feel the heat. Because of the controlled media inside China, one( or I) barely know what is actually happening in China but what I have heard from other people and what is happening in the Hong Kong shows that there must be something wrong with the way China is taking things forward.

But on the other sometimes I think what people really want freedom from, if government is taking care of people's aspirations and is successful in providing them a good standard of living, what is the problem ?

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자유를 지켜내는 일은 때론 뼈아픈 희생을 치룬다.
어느 이유에서라도 폭력은 안된다.
스팀도 폭력이 난무하는곳으로 변질되어서는 안된다.

Hi @transisto and @likwid we can talk together

I think you guys are downvote to @sultan-aceh because you see his art that he posts can be a lot like and that me and my team vote for him. Why we give @sultan-aceh votes on every blog he has with friendship over a longer time here.

I will continue to vote for @ sultan-aceh but I will reduce it to 49% vote. @ Sultan-aceh will continue to vote for me too but he will reduce it to 39% vote.
He does not want to draw more pictures now, but will post other things on the blog as I think you think the picture number was too similar

He also has a project in progress that you may have read about that will help more people use steemit in the Aceh forest.

If you have been watching lately, I have changed my voting pattern a bit.
I'm sorry to accuse you of having another agenda that I included in my post when I wrote about @sultan-aceh.

To you I have only given a 100% downvote once a long time ago
due to a comment about another user where I think you were unfinished in what you wrote.

I see others taking revenge on you with giving downvote back.
That's not my idea at all, I don't like the downvote being used as revenge.

When it comes to @sultan-aceh and me, we don't vote for ourselves. We also do not buy from bitbots. But I see it being voted from previous bitbots, but those are manual votes I think

We want @sultan-aceh to continue in steemit because he is a great role model in Aceh and can help many there to become Steemians.
Hope you guys can help @sultan-aceh continue and give some kind words to him.

Regards @xpilar

Downvote the content you don't want to see on Steem and I'll do the same.

Thank you.

thank's for your feedback @transisto

Can you take a look at what @sultan-aceh is writing here, maybe you can give him some good words about his project

It's unfortunate for Honkong investors, especially those who purchased lands with luxurious price. We know that Hongkong's income mainly comes from selling lands. They have the lowest taxes to offer.

Thank you for your concern for the land owning oligarchs that control our city economically and have the controlling say in our legislative council. They pay our wages.

Yeah but my comment was downvoted :). Dunno why.

Would have voted the post, but there is nothing here! Sorry there are a bunch of down-votes. Maybe put a little content in here? Sort of giving some background on the discussion you are trying implement? Just saying.

Congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Directors of the Steem Foundation.

Your willingness to assist the growing of our Blockchain, without expected recompense, is OUTSTANDING!

Post Script: The down-votes? l am sure it is nothing personal.

Thank you.
It's a new type of post allowing for unbiased conversation about an important topic. The money spent was to make it trending and resulted in a significant monetary lost.

I am sorry about that, was not aware. I could have done more research before pulling the trigger, yet am currently curating post from the last PYPT Show. Forgive me. I guess I jumped to a conclusion.

Shame on me. Maybe those folks I mentioned did their research.

As @themarkymark was discussing this type of post in his last podcast on @3speak concerning down-voting, I guess many of us should have done more research.

I am removing my down-vote with apologies. Forgive my lazy curation.

We at Hong Kong Police Farce are dedicated to bringing peace to the city. Graveyards are peaceful right?!

(I may or may not be a parody account)

The choice seems to be clear: embrace freedom or live in an ever increasing surveillance state. Unfortunately, circumstances have made this choice much harder. What China's government is doing reminds me of the actions of states in the past and is very dangerous. This is where societies should (have to) make a stand if they want to keep their (already more and more resticted) freedoms.

Thank you for bringing international attention to the disproportionate use of force by protestors. How dare they use primitive weapons against our; batons, tear gas, baton rounds, pepper spray, pepper bullets, tear gas grenades, flash bangs, assault rifles, water canons and armoured vehicles. They are cleanly outgunned but barbaric nonetheless. Such stupid people will not be allowed to breed. Dioxin poisoning will see to that.

We are at a reflection point worldwide really. All day I've been watching videos of riots in France, Iran and Hong Kong. I believe millennial are now just approaching a tipping point of voices.

Sorry, down-voted because there is nothing here! Took me a while to decide whether to down-vote or not. The rewards do not coincide with the content (which is beyond low energy). While I applaud your efforts to start a conversation, this could have entailed a bit more effort.

I do not down-vote (or up-vote for that matter, most times) without explaining why, even if the reason seems to be self-evident.

Had to modify this comment to make an observation... there are a number of folks mysteriously absent who tout themselves as using their down-votes and communities/initiatives to protect the rewards pool. Guess I am not the only person that participates in identity politics. Or... is their silence due to fear of reprisals?

Once again, congratulations on your recent appointment. Have a great weekend.

Most lart of today protest are financed by USA to overtrone legitimit goverment.Ex: Libia Siria Venezuela Chile France Iran Hong Kong...
As I see there is a patern.

스팀잇 진정한 자유를 향하여~!
스팀잇 선순환 위하여 가즈아~!

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This TOPIC is really important and meaningful to discuss.
I went through the political protests in South Korea during my high school and university period.
But in this Posting, I wish I see the thumbnail and your opinion about it to avoid your low effort as you mentioned.

I saw that video yesterday. I liked the fact that they used word "protest" and "protesters" instead of "riot" and "rioters." Which is quite peculiar considering that South China Morning Post has lost it's reputation after being accused few times for bending down to China's manipulation and demands.

Vice News has been regularly reporting about protests too.

South China Morning Post was brought by tencent to "remove anti china bias". They have become increasingly pro china from then on.

Tencent? I thought they were bought by HNA group.
You're right about the rest. They still allow a token few articles that are critical of China, just to maintain the illusion of a Free Press, but any criticism of China is now riddled with disclaimers and watered down.

Not really. They swing wildly depending on who the author is. Their problem is they don't have balance so it just kinda feeds the extremes with whatever they want to hear

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In a nutshell, my view is equal to the Christian community there: Both sides need to show restraint.

Living in China I can see the overall opinions of people here and the more violent HK gets, the happier the CCP becomes. It's just a growing list of reasons they need to come and 'rescue' the city with military intervention.

They are famous for playing the long game so don't expect some Iron Fist force hammering down in some city-wide curfew, but the end result, however it happens, will be the same. HK will calm down, Ethnic Hong Kongers will slowly be replaced by the Han, voting will be revoked as the city government slowly gets dissolved (not that it's worth shit now anyway given that nobody protested when they signed away their right to vote for anybody except pro-beijing officials).

It's sad, but violence is only expediating the process, I guess

The nativist Hong Kongers are grandchildren of the swimmer generation who escaped the glorious abundance in post Revolution China and who now express their poverty mindset via a new generation. Unfortunately, they are Han Chinese too. We cover these facts and many more in our comprehensive and totally non-biased recruitment course to re-educate the holes in our officers understanding.
Luckily for you, we accept recruitment applications from overseas. There are many British people currently serving.

I was expecting to see at least one CCP shill make a post here like on Facebook or Twitter, but anyone here understands the value of decentralization and freedom. I’m glad to be a part of the Steem community and happy I never showed up to my job in Beijing now.

I wonder how the CCP will block Elon Musk’s Starlink. A global decentralized internet will be a powerful tool in spreading freedom and democracy around the world.

I’m looking forward to the day when the mainland Chinese wake up and stand up to the evil CCP, burn the hammer and sickle, and join the free world.

I would like to say that it seems there is a mass uprising rooted in liberty and freedom the world over. As an american who resists the idea that a government has the authority to take away peoples rights and sell them back as privlages, i urge the Chinese people to take back their government. While i cannot physically lend a hand in toppling the communist leadership of your country i am 100 percent with you in spirit. I want to leave a future for the next generation where the principles of sovereignty and liberty rule the day instead of regulation and corruption. If we all stand united world over this could be achieved. The enemies of liberty do not waver and so we may not rest until it is finished. God speed.

Praying for Hong Kong, hope everything will be ok soon!

You can help by joining the Hong Kong Police Force. We will need more recruits soon.

Good on them, I say. I think the rest of the world could learn a lot from these dedicated protesters in Hong Kong and in the other countries where the people are rising up against corruption. Until we are all in the streets with pink masks or yellow vests nothing will change.

I’m not seeing much mainstream media coverage here in Australia. Though I have a friend on Instagram that is always posting about it on his stories. @untersatz curate 50

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