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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedom4 years ago

This is bound to happen, event in mainland China it will happen, because once people's survival and comfort is settled than the really struggle for freedom and liberty starts.

Once the survival process is taken care of, than only ideas matters to People and that is what is happening in Hong Kong and that is what will happen in China too.


This has happened in china once. And they were brutally suppressed with military force. Ever heard of the tank man?

People's survival and comfort has little to do with the struggle for freedom and liberty. The chinese people have rebelled in many areas even when they weren't living comfortably.

I was just pointing out that till now china has ruled with an absolute iron fist, and that is one of the reason of its fast paced economic development.

But iron fist will not work on People who are empowered with education, ideas and economic well being. As more and more Chinese people are becoming affluent, demand for freedom and liberty will grab more attention.

Earlier there were only one tank man and few others who were struggling for their rights and freedom but as number will increase government will find itself in tight spot.

I think now Chinese government should think about becoming more liberal and open to new ideas slowly slowly.

Not sure I agree. As the middle class rises, comfort also rises. As long as the government can provide them with that, protests are unlikely. Those who are not wealthy are typically trapped behind the Great Firewall, completely oblivious to what's going on.

In fact, my extremely wealthy friend here essentially wished death upon the HK people at one point, genuinely emotitonally anngered and upset by their brutish uncivilized behaviour. Does that sound like the narrative of an affluent, empowered individual?

This person is very well educated, with VPN access, but their natural state of media consumption is casual, so they only get the one side: HK kids are evil.

I don't really see any evidence that people are increasing in frustration at the CCP. And those that do simply say they'd rather not talk about it because everything they do is tracked and watched

In that context I also think if government is taking care of people's aspirations, it is all fine all good

But those wealthy people are ok and ignorant only untill they begin to feel the heat. Because of the controlled media inside China, one( or I) barely know what is actually happening in China but what I have heard from other people and what is happening in the Hong Kong shows that there must be something wrong with the way China is taking things forward.

But on the other sometimes I think what people really want freedom from, if government is taking care of people's aspirations and is successful in providing them a good standard of living, what is the problem ?

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