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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 1 - Trump the Zionist stooge

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Great article. Exactly how I see the situation. Glad I am not alone with my opinion. I also do believe that there is at least some involvement of the Mossad in the Q Madness. They have the means, the intelligence, the motive. The internet is actually already firm in the hands of our Best Friends Forever. All security software and backdoors in the hardware give them access and control wherever they want. Once 5G rolls out, we are f@cked.


Thanks very much Mr. Leeb. You are certainly not alone in this opinion. I think more and more people are beginning to see that the Trump train is another con. Yes, the lesser of two evils in comparison to Hillary, but still on the road to the same end game. Perhaps there is still some chance that the luciferian plans will be delayed, but they will never stop until they get to their end goal, that is for certain..

Yup. These suckers are relentless. And right now it looks as if they are winning. What could we possibly do? Vote harder next time?

The problem is that as long as the masses are under their spell it's almost impossible to escape the two party control. Voting in such a situation only allows the ability to select the lesser of two evils as was the case with Trump.

A third party that can be proven not to be under luciferian control should always be the candidate of choice, but the only way to get such a third party candidate elected is to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of the situation. I can't think of another way, but this is not an easy path. It takes masses of people teaching the truth to others and thereby creating more and more masses of people doing the same.

I agree. This is a very difficult way, but probably our only chance. Can't think of a better option either.
After all, we are billions and the parasites are only a few. We outnumber them vastly...

Men: This is a great strain. Well thought out; well presented. But don't you both believe the hardcore Christians who participated in the 1776 Declaration had to deal with pretty much the same things? The talmud wasn't written yesterday!

Assuming so, these devout men KNEW that something had to be constructed to give their posterity a fighting chance in future generations. And that's exactly what they did...

Most of us are beginning to understand how diabolical the Constitution of 1789 became; whereas the Articles of Confederation would have never allowed this concentration of power to run roughshod over America's hardworking people. However, with the addition of the Bill of Rights, our "out" is always there... and NEVER needing a top-down "voted" cabal of magistrates to "grant" us liberty. There are some men assembling outside the Steemit forum (although having found each other in here), who are meeting via email and skype. [email protected] We are simply tired of remaining "fish in a barrel". The solution lies at the county level... and believe me, 1-3% (3-10million), can become quite a wrecking crew.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

The founders of the Constitution dealt with a very different set of issues than today. They were all wealthy landowners, freemasons, and were part of the original underground revolutionary movements that the freemasons were just getting underway at that time. Additionally, they were largely non-Christian, but rather Deists. This falls in line with their freemasonic affiliation.

What this means is that the freemasonic efforts of the time were supporting them in breaking away from royalty and starting new republics as part of their plans to end nobility and the Church. Jefferson was likely Bavarian Illuminati and Benjamin Franklin was a known member of the Hellfire Club.

Today, the freemasonic agenda is at a completely different stage. Today it is about creating a single global government and the fight is for keeping sovereignty and individual rights and freedoms. Then they were fighting with the cabal's tide and today we are fighting against it.

This doesn't mean that we can't win, but it needs that the masses are awoken as I've stated above. The sleeping masses will otherwise continue to vote (actively or passively) to nullify individual rights and sovereignty far faster than we can defend these rights. This definitely requires the masses to be turned to stop this progression.

if you take the time to email me, I will explain where your position is based in a false premise. We do NOT need the masses. Christ never designed things this way. He explains how the "straight is narrow" and very few find their way through. Yes? the "masses are asses."

Sorry, I don't actually mean all the masses, I mean the educated few that can influence the masses. You're right, you'll never get all of the sheep, but you do need the ones that can influence them appropriately and this is at least 5% of the populace

no. With today's internet still remaining uncensored, and unlicensed, it isn't even .05% of the population. Just look what Adam Kokesh is doing out there as a one man band! Imagine what 175,000 libertarians could do in NH with the Free State Project, even if they became voting residents via a time-share property?

they need your help to bring it into reality. they can do nothing without us going along.

i now think the one of the best practices we can do, perhaps more important than anything we do outside (even trying to talk to people) is to raise our own consciousness level thru meditation. the more we are quiet in mind, the more source that flows thru us, and all those around us are effected by that energy, and I now believe it is more powerful than anything I could say to these people.

but paramount, is that I remain calm and centered in my awareness of my connection to God and all things. Whenever worry should raise its ugly head, focus on the infinite nature of God, the all presence, all powerful and there is no force to oppose it.

in doing so I believe I help to bring that into reality, I believe there is a consensus reality we all democratically take part in, and our consciousness level effects our 'voting power' .. I follow David R. Hawkins work which uses the scale of explanation of the scale .. stating the love is much more powerful than fear, that one person in love is more powerful than thousands in fear. so we don't need that many of us to 'oppose' this crap.

personally, I don't just believe this stuff, I swear I see things change around me for the better in the places I go. I've literally had many experiences where something improved and it just happened after I arrived. My ego wants to inflate at this, but the ego is not doing it, it is the lack of ego.

sorry for the long post, hope you find value in it. peace brother.

I agree with you, it does make a big difference. I would personally argue that we need to both internal and external work though. This means an internal transformation that has a "ho'oponopono" affect upon the world around us, and an external transformation that directly helps others to wake up through supporting them with developing an understanding that they would not otherwise manage themselves.

indeed. and I am fulfilling that role now, I hope. doing my best to be an example, and speak to those that I feel I should.

Thanks for the comment.

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