The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the world's largest spy and control network - integrated with 5G, RFID, and AI, it could be the most powerful weapon on the planet

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I've been warning heavily about the many dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of UN Agenda 2030, but what I didn't fully realize until just recently (thanks to research at is the level of Israeli influence in this space. Israel has been working since the late 1970s to fully infiltrate every computer network on the planet by placing their control mechanisms into every security device (think firewalls, routers, anti-virus software, etc.) and computer processor (think computers, smartphones, televisions, automobiles, etc.) The Internet of Things, 5G, and the RFID chipping of everything will take this spying and control to a whole new level. The key Israeli intelligence programs, units, and research organizations that appear to be driving this are:

  • The Talpiot Program - Started in 1979 by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as an overriding program and used to infiltrate major global corporations (historically one per year) to get their spy and control technology in every computer processor and major software on the planet
  • Unit 8200 - An advanced Israeli cyber unit that sends their teams out to create new start ups and dominate new technology industries (e.g. autonomous vehicles)
  • Technion - The Israel Institute of Technology, a research organization dedicated to creating new technology to support the above two organizations

IoT makes no sense unless you understand the agenda

The whole concept of the Internet of Things makes no sense on the surface. The largest corporations around the planet are embedding smart controllers and RFIDs in all electronic devices. Ostensibly their goal is to save electricity and allow you to customize the control of your devices. Saving electricity is supposed to come through automatically ratcheting back power to devices that are drawing too much at peak times. Customized smart devices are also supposed to support consumers through things like your refrigerator monitoring your consumption and ordering more milk for you or your television set monitoring what you watch and giving you recommendations on new content similar to what you watch.

Let me get this straight, major corporations are working in full coordination across the globe and spending hundreds of billions (if not trillions of dollars) just to help consumers and save some energy costs? If the real agenda wasn't so incredibly scary, this would be one of the most laughable and ridiculous things I've ever heard. Let's therefore instead call out the real reasons for the Internet of Things and why whoever controls it can basically control the planet. The real reasons are as follows:

  • Spying devices - Every device with a chip (computer or even RFID) becomes a spying device. Now add 5G to each of these devices and they can use 5G exactly the same way that RADAR is used to create a picture of everything in your environment with the right monitoring sensors. (Remember that WiFI and 5G are microwave units and that microwave ovens used to be called "radar ranges.") So this enables the ability to see, listen to, and get statistics from every single device around you - your phone, your computers, your smart watch / health monitors, you television, your automobile, your smart house sensors, even your RFID embedded clothing and accessories. 5G will offer the radiation and bandwidth to do all this without a problem. This is one of the key reasons for the required massive bandwidth of 5G. (Be sure to also watch the video below showing the predictive programming in "The Dark Knight" for this where even Lucius Fox (read "Lucifer 666") says it's too powerful a weapon to exist.)

  • Kill switches - Imagine that you could not only spy on everyone but that you could also hold every person and corporation on the planet hostage with a kill switch at the core of their devices. Everybody loves to talk about EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses) as a massive threat, but there's also been a lot of research stating that the EMP threat is totally overrated. However, what if the real threat is not an EMP but rather to take people hostage with these kill switches or even to fake an EMP? If you have a kill switch in just about every device, how tough would that be? You just need to use the mass media to claim there was an EMP or a solar flare and then you remotely kill the devices in their hardware / CPUs. If you wanted to kill off the majority of the planet, this is probably the easiest way to do it. Every supply chain would stop and you could potentially even reset all the devices afterwards and then own all the infrastructure. It would probably be more effective than nuclear weapons, but no physical destruction of the infrastructure is required. Of course, you could also meltdown nuclear power plants remotely as well if you wanted to. Think Fukushima that occurred on 3/11 - just a coincidence I'm sure.

  • Mind control, targeted assassinations, and "slow kill" mass genocide - Now realize that 5G also enables very precise radiation that can interfere with the human body and its functions. This means that 5G can interrupt bodily systems to create or mimic individual or mass diseases as well as fully disrupt bodily systems to kill people. Imagine as well that this can be done remotely from basically anywhere without even a drone required. Further imagine that this radiation is also able to target specific locations in the brain and implant specific thoughts and feelings. This is the same technology that was tested during the Iraq war and caused Iraqi soldiers to have severe depression and thoughts of defeat until they came out of their bunkers and gave themselves up. Unfortunately, many older articles on these Iraq war mind control technologies appear to have been scrubbed from the Internet, but this is the exact same types of capabilities that 5G will enable. It will be especially enabled when every device you use is a 5G smart device in the IoT and there is no possible way of avoiding them except potentially deep in the woods somewhere. (Of course Google's Project Loon with WiFi blimps will take care of that too..)

This technology is coming NOW and the biggest tech giants are directly or indirectly onboard with it

Let's just take a "favorite" example to start with - Google. Google is of course already a CIA / NSA creation and Google X is creating just about every IoT project technology that you can think of. Google has also built a massive R&D facility in Tel Aviv focused on AI and machine learning - a very logical follow on from the IoT and the Smart Grid for spying and control since AI is absolutely needed to run all of the complex IoT functions we have covered already. Google appears to be in bed with the Talpiot program and the vast majority of their technology projects point towards it.

Intel also appears to be in bed with Israeli intelligence and the new chipsets that are being used by Intel have very likely been infiltrated with Talpiot technology. See the video above for more on this. This means that any device that uses Intel chip sets are going to be under Israeli surveillance and control. Consider that just about every Apple device uses Intel and just about every Microsoft device uses Intel. Now consider that Google is also likely under Talpiot control and we've just covered at least 70% of the computer and cellphone market with these players alone. This is not including the dozens, if not hundreds, or other major corporations and new start ups that are also infiltrated by Talpiot.

Inform yourselves and fully oppose and refuse IoT, 5G, RFID, and AI

The only way to stop this technological takeover is to inform yourselves, inform others, and stop accepting these spy and control devices out of ignorance and "convenience." Don't just trust myself or anyone else's word on any of this. Do your own research and understand the massive threat that these technologies embody.

Inform yourself as well about UN Agenda 2030 and how these intelligence programs tie into it. It's a massive Orwellian plan run by a global elite that literally worship Lucifer and want to create a technocratic, neo-feudal state that would like to keep us in a Matrix-like prison for the rest of eternity. This is not hyperbole; this is really what they are up to. Inform yourselves, inform others, and get ready for a battle for the minds and future of humanity.


And if that was not enough, we get also the Social Credit System and an AI controlled Pre-Crime system. Combined with your AI controlled character analysis, the control will be absolute and complete. Based on your character analysis AI can predict if you are likely a problem for the system and it can lock you out of society completely. In China some people already lose their travel "privileges" All three of them are already rolling out. No joke. Wrote a post about it.

Some added information to the above post. Here are a couple of articles on the accidental send of EM weapons documents to a journalist based upon their FOIA request. The articles describe the weapons in sufficient detail. This is our future with 5G..

Fascinating. Thank you! The problem is that this is so far out there that most people will dismiss it and will not believe it until the trap has closed.

Yep, they are after putting us all into a electronic panopticon where we will be monitored and controlled at every level. If there is ANY stepping out of line, you will lose your privileges one by one until they finally take your last "privilege".. your right to life. AI and pre-crime will be monitoring every move you make as well.

Of course as Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo, the elite however will have a chip that says "don't mess with us." Likely they will also have an RFID code that shuts off the cameras, facial recognition, and 5G radiation screwing with them. They will have a way out as long as they stay loyal to the Luciferian program, but everybody else will be screwed.

If you not in the right bloodlines though, these Luciferians will throw anyone that works for them under the bus once they are no longer needed. This is exactly what the Soviets did to the committed communists after they helped them takeover Russia. The Dark Knight opening shows it perfectly when the Joker (Lucifer) gets all the other guys that helped him rob the bank to kill each other. Only he is left standing at the end. This is exactly what the Luciferians will do to everyone that is not true elites along the way to their anti-christ end game in Jerusalem.

I am afraid you are spot on. Brave New World. And it's coming sooner than we think...

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