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RE: The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the world's largest spy and control network - integrated with 5G, RFID, and AI, it could be the most powerful weapon on the planet

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And if that was not enough, we get also the Social Credit System and an AI controlled Pre-Crime system. Combined with your AI controlled character analysis, the control will be absolute and complete. Based on your character analysis AI can predict if you are likely a problem for the system and it can lock you out of society completely. In China some people already lose their travel "privileges" All three of them are already rolling out. No joke. Wrote a post about it.


Some added information to the above post. Here are a couple of articles on the accidental send of EM weapons documents to a journalist based upon their FOIA request. The articles describe the weapons in sufficient detail. This is our future with 5G..

Fascinating. Thank you! The problem is that this is so far out there that most people will dismiss it and will not believe it until the trap has closed.

Yep, they are after putting us all into a electronic panopticon where we will be monitored and controlled at every level. If there is ANY stepping out of line, you will lose your privileges one by one until they finally take your last "privilege".. your right to life. AI and pre-crime will be monitoring every move you make as well.

Of course as Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo, the elite however will have a chip that says "don't mess with us." Likely they will also have an RFID code that shuts off the cameras, facial recognition, and 5G radiation screwing with them. They will have a way out as long as they stay loyal to the Luciferian program, but everybody else will be screwed.

If you not in the right bloodlines though, these Luciferians will throw anyone that works for them under the bus once they are no longer needed. This is exactly what the Soviets did to the committed communists after they helped them takeover Russia. The Dark Knight opening shows it perfectly when the Joker (Lucifer) gets all the other guys that helped him rob the bank to kill each other. Only he is left standing at the end. This is exactly what the Luciferians will do to everyone that is not true elites along the way to their anti-christ end game in Jerusalem.

I am afraid you are spot on. Brave New World. And it's coming sooner than we think...

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