Gender Identity - Determining Factor Of Who We Are

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Identity can be defined as characteristics determining who or what a person is. Based on that, we can derive that gender identity is how and what you feel about your gender. Just because someone was born as a male, and feel inner characteristics more as a female (or vice versa), or feel that those inner characteristics currently don’t belong to either male or female gender, why is that person likely to be discriminated? In many countries, including mine, gender identity is considered a taboo topic. As a result of it, young people who don’t identify themselves either as male or female are struggling to start a conversation with their parents or even friends.


At my current international boarding school, a few of my friends never felt psychologically connected with their sex and identify themselves as non-binary. Just recently, a close friend of mine cried because they remembered of all the mocking experienced in their life back in Brazil from where they luckily ‘escaped’ (‘they-them’ refers to non-binary persons). However, they told me that in our campus community they finally feel safe for the first time in their life.

Feeling safe and being able to express yourself are human rights, and thus, should be socially accepted. Opposite of that can’t let an individual strive and reach the full potential. I strongly believe that national conversations about this subject are just starting and we have to give our support in raising the awareness about this important topic


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Definitely something I've struggled with since high school. I recently settled on the label "demiboy" as someone who doesn't experience dysphoria per se, but has a sort of longing or admiration for the gender they weren't assigned to.

Dunno, though--maybe the sort of low-grade depression I flit in and out of is from gender dissonance...

@elseleth, I had the most problems regarding this topic in primary school. Was very happy when I started high school tho. I am sorry for your situation, and I hope everything went out well. Thanks for coming by.

Lol, juče na biologiji priča profesorka nešto, radimo genetiku. Pokazuje ona neke formule, grafikone, krugovima predstavljene žene, kvadratima muškarci. Ja podigao ruku i pitao: "A šta je s transrodnim ljudima, kako se oni označavaju?". Profesorka se zbunila, priča da se u tom slučaju uzima pol pri rođenju, pa se predomišlja. Za divno čudo, apsolutno niko u razredu nije prigovorio, sve ih je zanimalo isto kao i mene. Ipak, ostali smo bez odgovora :)

Nazalost, kod nas uvijek ucenici ostaju bez odgovora.

Hehe, danas sam upisan u napomenu na času filozofije jer sam za primer pojma naveo: "peder" lol

Feeling safe and being able to express yourself are human rights

Couldn't agree more, but there are those who disagree. One of the most unfortunate things about the modern world is that the most accepting of people also tend to be the most reliant upon governments to fix their problems.

We need to work fast to create a world we'll all want to live in after governments lose their power. This includes creating and promoting a strong acceptance culture, and working to create market forces that disincentivise hate.

Lots of truth here, @lemony-cricket. Thanks for the feedback and coming by.


One of us!

Thanks for the invitation :)

I wanna join ur team.

Agree! Good read. Looking forward to seeing your future posts. I saw this in Discord, Qurator.

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