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RE: Does Sam Seder have a concept of ethics?

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This child pressuring, innocent individual-threatening fraud named Adam Kokesh attempts to pontificate on ethics. Rich, indeed.

Nobody wants your scammy ass, creepy stalker bullshit here.

This guy’s campaign targeted me and my family, and has threatened and pressure several others, including children.


After hearing from both sides, this whole story from kafkanarchy84 does not pass the smell test. Also why would you blame Adam for something his campaign manager was only thinking about and never pursued. More evidence would be needed if you want me to believe that Adam had anything to do with this. P.S. I don;t have any bias towards Adam, I am just looking at the evidence as they are presented and yes I can read.

Ask the infosec they were trying to exploit into attacking me, directly, if you’d like.

Here in the thread: @assetoperations

I look forward to more information, but that link leads to nothing.

The. infosec. is. here. in. the. comments. Ask away.

I cannot see this infosec guy here.
Does not matter however because I don't have any questions for whowever that person is.
For you however, I may have a few.

Wait. You don’t even know who the infosec is??? I thought you were familiar with this situation and the background. This is the person talking to Ben in the screens.

In this comment thread, bud. Just scroll down. @assetoperations.


I answered your questions bud.

I have to do some work now. The source is available to you, if you’re able to process the feedback.

Thanks again.

He or she has a lot of comments that seem unrelated to this. Still I don't see anything that prove your point. Yes I know who infosec is now, I don't go to sleep thinking about all of the characters and the details to this story. I just know that I have not seen the smoking gun yet. And I won't speculate.
And how can you answer my question if I had not asked it yet?

There's no evidence that Ben Farmer ever actually called off tampering with Graham. In fact the screenshots previously report the attempt to start. But even Ben Farmer himself hasn't produced any screenshots that indicate he never followed through. I know this to be true because I was the person who derailed that entire operation unilaterally. I derailed the operation before Graham ever realized that one had been put in place. While the possibility exists that much more powerful tactics were available to be used against truly evil people, Graham's blogging should never ever be punished because I believe in journalism and investigative journalism especially. His whistleblowing inspired my own. While the evil people of this world want consequences to come to the whistleblowers, Graham hasn't done anything to truly warrant harm upon him. For these reasons I believed I acted morally and within my own ethical values.

Thanks, Mark. Admission from campaign staff that cyberterror screenshots are authentic is around the 52 minute mark of this video.

I wonder why no one wishes to address the fact that the screenshots admitting:

  • I was being geolocated via license plates in my YouTube videos
  • children sometimes get dragged into these attacks
  • I as “fucking with their money” by simply disagreeing via Steemit articles
  • They had “assets in Japan” and teams of programmers
  • Ben desired to “reach me” physically

have been verified as authentic by a current campaign staffer.

I have addressed theses "facts" and there is nothing there to pin Adam with.

So these things were not contained in the screenshots, then?

Then infosec who was supposed to carry out the plan after being lied to about who I was, is here in the comments. @assetoperations. Please ask them if you have any questions. Cheers bud, and thanks for your concern.

I keep repeating this. Yes the screenshot is real. And what you say is there.
It is simply not conclusive that;

  1. anything was actually initiated
  2. Adam had any to do with this.
    I don't have any questions for this infosec.

So if I try to hire a hitman to kill someone, and he doesn’t do it, no harm no foul?

You are beyond help stupid. Sorry mane.

I don't need help thank you.
Name calling does not help your cause.

Hey dude I found something really offensive you have the power to flag and take care of, look at this dude's entry into a contest posted here and watch him punch a baby in the mouth....believe me I'd flag it if I had the power and I don't really believe in flagging comments but child abuse is unacceptable.

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