Sometimes, intervening a country might be the right thing to do.

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Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to violate human rights, or at least to cover up these violations. This is because the Internet has suddenly made the world very small for everyone and getting informed about every important event is something easy anyone can do, when something happens even in the most remote place on the planet that we can imagine, someone is there to report it seconds later by using any available social media platform.

And that brings me to today's topic. I think the time has come for the existence of some mechanism that can implement protocols to solve situations where human rights violation are the new normal. It happens in a lot countries all over the planet, and most of the people are aware of it, yet, no ones do anything to help solve the issue.

One of those protocols is that we should put aside the excuse of several dictators that no one can violate their national sovereignty to intervene in helping their citizens. They say that because they have a right to sovereignty, but on the other hand, they deny all rights to the people. In order to have rights, people should respect other people’s rights in the first place.

Some cases where I think an intervention is justified is when basic rights are denied to the people, such as the right to have a trial before being sentenced, the right to express oneself freely in all the media, and the right to be able to have protests and peaceful demonstrations.

A common example as we all know, is the case of Venezuela, where for years people have been oppressed in all imaginable ways, and it is clear now that people alone aren’t capable on their own of getting rid of the criminal organization ruling the country.

But either way this is not about Venezuela, nor about the ideologies of the totalitarians who are in power, it is about time that all the nations of the world begin to think not about governments, but about citizens, and that it should be the governments that fear the citizens, instead of the other way around, which is what happens in most countries.

In my opinion, when in any country of the world happens what have been happening in Venezuela or in any country ruled by totalitarians, the international community must immediately cease all transactions of all types with that nation, like financial transactions that Venezuela has in place in the form of sanctions, food and energy transactions, among others, and announce a kind of ultimatum that should make them leave the country in a relatively short period of time, otherwise they shall leave by force and the might of other nations.

Besides, the most serious punishments for these acts must be implemented as well, and not only to the leaders of these movements, but also to everyone who gets involved in an official way and decides to participate and provide support to this things, so those who might be planning in joining or doing something similar would have to think it twice.

We all know there are basic human rights that every individual should have, but there are no known mechanism to actually guarantee those rights are protected, so what people could do in the mean time is start discussing issues like this one, and perhaps one day people wouldn’t have to deal with totalitarianism anymore.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this and thanks for reading.

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I think that, although you are having a good intentioned vision, it is quite naive in the political landscape, and even worse, it is an idea that can bring more harm to the people than benefits.

No country or group of countries should act as policemen of the world, that would place them in a position of moral superiority to say that it is good and that it is bad, and that it should be done, in such a way that anyone who had an opinion different from them would be oppressed.

Have you seen some of the things that the government of the United States does in Guantanamo? Who do you think would be able to prevent the world's greatest power from breaking human rights? Do you think that if China or Russia, on the other hand, violated human rights, someone would be able to avoid it?

The UN, or any international organization, lacks armies (and it is impossible for them to have one), and even worse, morality, to be policemen.

Countries like the United States could intervene effectively in countries like Venezuela, if that is what you are thinking, but there are several factors that you don't take into consideration; Are the citizens of the United States in favor of having their money used to invade a country? Are the citizens of the United States in favor of starting a war that promises not to be at all different from the failures seen in countries like Iraq or Libya? Is the United States able to intervene in a country based on the international panorama? And if it is not the United States to which you refer; Which other would be the country or countries?

If countries like the United States invaded Venezuela today, even if for good reasons, a lot of countries around the globe began to fear, even more than they do today, of North American interventionism, reducing their power worldwide, turning the United States into a threat to all countries of medium and small military capacity (if it is not already), and giving more arguments and influences to countries like China or Russia.

The situation in Venezuela can be exasperating, and it may seem that interventionism is a good option, but it never is, interventionism is never, ever, a good option.

The Venezuelan people got used to having the State solve the problems, step of paternalistic dictatorships like those of Gomez and Perez Jimenez, to the infamous social-democracy of the 40 years, to then fall into a socialism very similar to the previous one, although more radical and totalitarian. As you can see, the Venezuelan people have always expected others to solve things; be the State or a leader, and now it would be a foreign power, but if it is not the people themselves who rise up and demand their rights, the only thing that will happen is that the same vices that have been repeated up to now will turn to repeat.Suppose that a successful intervention is carried out, nothing will prevent the Venezuelan people from choosing a Chavez in the future, and worse, that this time there is more hatred towards the West because of the intervention.

I really regret having extended so much, although I did not want to leave my idea incomplete.

I believe it could be possible to empower locals in their best interests but with strict measures to ensure integrity.

The situation in Venezuela has become much more dire because of sanctions so it's rather counter productive. All recent US military interventions that I have seen are mining company motivated. Neither of these options help the peoples quality of life.

It can be very easy for greed and corruption to impact the motives for intervening directly or indirectly, hence the priority on the needs of the people as they see it.


I couldn't agree more with you!

I like that you bring up this topic - it is an important discussion to make.

Unfortunately, I don't think that in our world an external intervention in a country could do any good. We have sad examples with Iraq, Siria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestina, Ukraine, etc. It turns out that the "policemen" of the world are the main violators of human rights. But there is no one to oppose them. I think that a country and a nation should deal with their internal problems by themselves. The "saviors" are always driven by their own interests.
I wouldn't go any further, because I think @vieira said it quite right. Cheers!

I don't think that in our world an external intervention in a country could do any good

Germany and South Korea are good examples. Panama is another good example. There are positive interventions.

I hope you are right!

Sadly you are describing the vast majority of countries in the world...
External intervention needs to be thought very carefully and in extreme circumstances.
History has shown again and again that outside intervention in countries where human rights violations are common has caused more harm than good.
Robert Fisk's opinion about the subject is that in almost all circumstances it should be left to the native population to solve the problem over time.

Unfortunately financial punishment against a country tends to hurt most the people who are the victims of human right abuse.

But I totally understand you. Such a complicated subject...

Hey there mate, yes it is a very complicated subject and not easy to solve.

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This post is written with good intentions. But as the commenters have said, the problem is that interventions aren't actually being done for humanitarian purposes. Everywhere we're intervening, we're installing oil wells. Genie Oil & Gas company is the culprit behind the atrocities we've committed in Syria. Really & truly, I believe it's the globalist "interventionists" who have created the situation in Venezuela to begin with. There are very deliberate forces out there who want the economies of the world to collapse. Venezuela has been hit hard but others are in target. Your desires and intentions are good. Unfortunately, the intentions of the world police are not. We have to be careful and keep sharing truth. Truth is our only defense.

I believe it's the globalist "interventionists" who have created the situation in Venezuela to begin with

The situation in Venezuela is very easy to understand, a broken ideology and system have been in control of the country for close to 20 years, resulting in a total collapse as it always happens.

hi @dedicatedguy

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to violate human rights, or at least to cover up these violations

Im not so sure. I see human rights beeing abused left and right and since migration crisis started I have impression that public acceptance to these violations is very high already.

People seem not to care the way they did. As long as problem do not "touch" them, they are happy and fine with it.

Internet helps bring exposure and visibility but also made people feel nothing. Or almost nothing. We see news about others being tortured and 1 min later we don't even remember that any more. Attention span is very short and really hardly anyone cares.

I can only hope that thigs will get better. But do I believe in it? Not really.


I see human rights beeing abused left and right

Human rights violations have always happen, but now we have the means to document, report and inform everyone when this happens, that is a big difference.

Internet helps bring exposure and visibility but also made people feel nothing

Yes it can happen, after being bombarded with so much negative news people can get a little bit numb.