The Problem With Cultural Marxism

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Cultural Marxism is real, it is no longer just a "Conspiracy Theory of the Right", unfortunately for the world, the Marxist philosophy that is against the current structure of Western society has taken on a very worrying relevance, not only because it seeks to impose it but also because to achieve it it tries to demonize the use of logic and reason, today we will talk about it.


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Cultural Marxism is raised from the Frankfurt School as a revolutionary idea that says that traditional culture is the great source of "oppression" in the world, a curious thing coming from the leftists, historically recognized for repressing their ideological dissidents, but one moment, even today they do it when they seek to defend Cultural Marxism, today it seems that you can do absolutely nothing without offending anyone, there will always be someone victimized by something you said or did, call it also the dictatorship of the politically correct, which makes me think of how weak people are emotionally and psychologically to be affected by what a totally random person can tell them on the street or on social networks, is in fact, the goal of this culturalization, the goal of having a victimized society and that part of the emotional reaction and not of logic and critical thinking.

The other day I was watching a film called "A Clockwork Orange" for studio purposes, it's a film that I highly recommend, it's very good, but it can be "unpleasant" for some people because of how explicit and raw it is, when I saw the film and its most shocking scenes it came to my mind: What would happen if this film, instead of being released in the 1970s, was released today in 2018?Knowing the victimist movements that exist in our society today, we would probably be talking about an unprecedented censorship or a scandal of epic proportions, the problem is that this shows that the society of the 1970s was not as ridiculous as the current one, in this sense. You may be thinking, "It could be because in those days there were no social networks, people couldn't play the victim so easily," in fact, social networks have contributed a lot to victimization because now the promoters of "politically correct" ideas have the power to make themselves heard by thousands of people. The fact is, the difference is quite remarkable.

However, this is not the only example, nowadays you can see people complaining and victimizing because in a film the protagonist is heterosexual, because he is not black, because he says rude things, because he makes reference to traditional culture. Cultural Marxists attack all traditional culture such as marriage, patriotism, the family, morality, among other things... Not with the aim of obtaining freedom, but with the aim of imposing an alternative based on political correctness and multiculturalism, to the point of denying and attacking scientific and logical data, all this in order to create a victimized society where you do not have the freedom to think and say in a different way from the "correct" one, but what is correct? beyond being a philosophical question, in this case, what is correct is what "they" want to hear. This is a big problem for the Left.

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You may not know them by the term Cultural Marxists, but probably by the term Social Justice Warriors. Jordan Peterson is a person who, in addition to being tremendously intelligent, talks about why it is so important not to ignore this cancer, and that is why I highly recommend listening to him. In the case of Feminism and Gender Ideology are also part of this agenda, which is ironic considering that the most representative communists are known to be Machistas and for their hatred of homosexuals, such is the case of Ernesto "El Che" Guevara, who literally created a concentration camp for homosexuals, "The Work Will Make You Men" said the most beloved murderer in recent history, this shows the fragile mentality and at the same time the great ignorance of these groups when they defend and idolize this homophobic murderer to the point of having him as a symbol of the cause in their shirts, caps and flags, this is the equivalent of the Jews going through life with flags and symbols of Hitler.

Agustín Laje and Nicolás Márquez, two Argentine writers and political activists, literally destroy gender ideology and third wave feminism in their book: "El Libro Negro de la Nueva Izquierda", where they explain all these Marxist impositions and expose the absurd and illogical arguments of these movements. Collectivism is a disaster, just like these ideas created on the basis of crystal-clear arguments, trying to silence freedom of expression and free thought is all that creates in the long run problems and a manipulable, victimized and weak society, which is the Communists' dream.

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The left realized that it lost in the economic sphere by beating and now seeks to take advantage of its "power" in the moral realm to implant a degenerative disease in the society we call "Cultural Marxism", only in this way would they manage to have power again, indoctrinating and limiting the freedoms little by little, the workers are no longer pending to create a revolution, because they live better and better thanks to Capitalism, now, the left seeks to obtain power by creating a revolution using different actors, the Warriors of Social Justice.

This being the case, we must be aware of this problem and we must be able to identify and defend ourselves against it. If there is one thing the Left has taught the world it is that It can always be worse, so we must fight those arguments and show that logical arguments are superior to emotional arguments, thank you for reading, peace.

1AmazonEl Libro Negro de la Nueva Izquierda: Ideología de género o subversión cultural
2SquawkerWhy Cultural Marxism is the Deadliest Virus on Society
3YoutubeJordan Peterson: Why You Have To Fight Postmodernism

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Nice article. By the title I presumed that the great Jordan Peterson would be mentioned. It is a slippery slope to tyranny in the name of social justice and it is great to see more and more awareness among people at this great danger to freedom.


You presumed well hahaha, I think is an important topic, as you said, is a great danger to freedom, so we need to be aware. ^^

Well it´s matter of the new counter force the Alt-right to counter the Marxist vertient that is progresism (cultural marxism) ; USA knows how to beat economic/politic comunism/socialism, but it´s nowday vunerable to progresism


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Thank You! ^^

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