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Yeah, 9/11 was an inside job... but don't use the jet fuel/steel argument around a welder who works with structural steel. Melt point and structural integrity are two very different things...

But 9/11 was still an inside job.


NanoThermite found at the site and about 100 other pieces of surrounding evidence as you know for sure. How is your weekend going man?

Did you see the #Vaccine post I put up earlier with court documents showing the USSA in breach of several things?????


For sure, they blew the building up. All in all, WTC 7 is really more the "smoking gun" than any... that was a precision drop that would have been challenging to even the best demo experts.

The US Guvmint is always in breach of whatever gets in the way of it feeding its pockets. Vaccines have never been one of my axes to grind (there are so MANY) for activism purposes, so I don't know enough about it to comment intelligently. But I DO know they don't have our interests at heart...

Fair weekend so far... I'm a shopkeeper in a tourist town, so there are throngs of visitors this time of the year. Unfortunately, they seem a little impoverished this year... I keep a close eye on shopping patterns as an indicator of where we are in the state of collapse....

Hope your weekend is good, so far!


I keep a close eye on shopping patterns as an indicator of where we are in the state of collapse....

Exactly, I have done the same sort of thing most of the last 25 yrs not being completely asleep lol.

Look at real estate trends and finances of course, and the auto market, both are canaries in the mindshaft

See what I did there???

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Even if 9/11 wasn't a inside job, what our Government has done since is criminal... i.e. starting, but not finishing, wars in the Middle East, and putting those wars on a credit card for future generations to pay off...

Restricting U.S. citizen's civil rights... and spying on U.S. citizens...

If the reason that the 'Terrorists' attacked us on 9/11 was because they hated our freedoms... our corrupt Government has done a great job with trashing those freedoms...


Well said.

I think the terrorists by definition need to look in the mirror, and see what is staring back at them as publicly paid "servants".

I believe those are the real terrorists, again, by definition.


I believe those are the real terrorists, again, by definition.

Absolutely, true... or, as Noam Chomsky says, "... The U.S. is the world’s leading terrorist state..."

What I say is this, "Why is it that the Terrorists always live on the resources that the Multi-National Corporations covet?"