TKJ PODCAST #90 Adam Kokesh - Liberty, Bitcoin and Technology

in freedom •  6 months ago

On this explosive episode, we interview Adam Kokesh, a powerhouse in the Libertarian movement, Bitcoin/Crypto enthusiast and a 2020 candidate for (NOT) president of the United States of America. We cover Libertarian philosophy, Bitcoin, self-driving cars, the sovereignty of A.I, animal rights, Voting != Violence, Zeitgeist movement and more.

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@krishool is the podcast host. Check out some of his other stuff.

Bitquin is in a significantly reduced state
I hope that happens what you expect
Video very special well done, my friend

Bitcoin Cash seems to have become superior in regard to decentralization, non-regulation, low fees, and ease of use.

Excellent interview. I love how positive Adam's vision for the future is. Interesting back and forth about technology and its possible role in our future.

ADAM. Off topic. This video needs MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR PUBLICITY.

Seen some masked people in the Portland waterfront. Showing preattack indicators. Next thing I know I'm recording the patriot prayer March being ambushed.

Prior planning and communication had the ambushing criminals at the right place.

Also there were reports by the media about "illegal"fireworks.

And anything the size of a firecracker is enough for you to get serious charges.

The police allowed this to occur. The March was on the opposite side of the street.

On my profile I have 4 videos.

Also a post with the local news link. The reporter was next to me.

Scary day when you watch liberty under seige.

And unexpected!

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