Resistance to Tyranny - Episode 3 with Adam Kokesh

in freedom •  4 months ago

Join Righteous Rick and Brian Ellison for trips down memory lane, as they recount their own encounters with the corrupt tyrants who make up the criminal INjustice system.

From fighting in MMA to fighting for his life, Righteous Rick has quite a story to tell.

Brian Ellison has used his recent candidacy as a platform for activism to expose police misconduct and it has cost him plenty. Brian’s fight continues!

Grab a beer, a smoke, and your phone.

Call in and share your story of injustice as we poke the bear and join in Resistance to Tyranny! (313)879-5059

Listen Live on Fridays from 8pm-10pm Eastern at:

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Kokesh’s campaign threatened my family and I by plotting a cyber attack which could have really ruined my life, simply because they lost money here on Steemit from a donor after I wrote an article critiquing them.

I am spreading the word for those that may not know.

He and Ben Farmer gave threatened and pressure others as well, including women and children.

They are conmen, and are using the voluntaryist “storefront” for money, attention, and power.

All of us who have been burned by these guys simply want an answer.