Individualism Debate - Christopher Chase Rachels & Adam Kokesh

in freedom •  10 months ago

Hosted by Matthew Drake:

Original video:

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Jerry Howe and Chase. Oh man. I wish I had time to watch this right now. If you and I ever found some real common ground, Adam, it might be in opposing the ridiculousness brought forth by these two silly dudes.


Brother, sometimes you annoy the shit right out of me but yeah, Chase took the cake, not only was he boring as can be but my god how can he call himself an individualist and constantly put people in groups. As I have said to you on a few occasions, we may disagree but we are on the same side.

Watching now. Rachels is not an AnCap



Chase is just glad no "proto-humans" were part of this production.

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Curated for #informationwar (by @wakeupnd)
Relevance: waking up the masses
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Who is this racist prick? What the hell.


Adam is 100% right, culture is an artificial construct.

This is nice, you are such a good citizen, u i will help you to free from federal government, i have watched the video

An hour well spent

Hands down Kokesh nails this one, especially considering the contender was Chase.