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"Can America be saved?
Are we headed towards a second American civil war?
Is revolution against the left the answer?

These are all questions we touch on. More of a discussion than a full on debate we talked about the merits of nationalism and libertarianism and their faults. Ancaps, ANTIFA, violence, we touched on everything. We even talked solutions."

His channel:

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Kokesh’s campaign threatened my family and I by plotting a cyber attack which could have really ruined my life, simply because they lost money here on Steemit from a donor after I wrote an article critiquing them.

I am spreading the word for those that may not know.

He and Ben Farmer have threatened and pressured others as well, including women and children.

They are conmen, and are using the voluntaryist “storefront” for money, attention, and power.

All of us who have been burned by these guys simply want an answer.

I've spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe and all around this side of Europe in the center of town squares you see statues of stoic looking knights on horseback; these are often the heroes of these nations who liberated their people from the Ottoman empire. These men are not immortalized in metal because they had good arguments for freedom, they sharpened swords and drew blood. If I had ever joined the US Military in my life, was trained to use weaponry and taken an oath before my god to defend my country from enemies foreign and domestic I would gaze up at those statues and meditate deeply on my role in history.

Freedom ..... 😎👍
Thank for sharing ...
If and write more in the description, maybe I will know more about what you are discussing here ...

I would leave the only way to win is to make the all system obsolete and you have little chance of doing that within the United System unless you work inside these systems then I encourage you to subvert them as much as possible!

I really wished you had stayed focused upfront on the part of the discussion you used with this post since it is a long video. It would have been nice to have the time to listen to it all but most of what was said up front we've heard before from you so that basically wasn't nothing new, we could have decided to just opt out of that part at the end if it had come at the end.
Without hearing the discussion in full I would say there is a likelihood that that scenario could happen in the future, I don't think we will see it in our lifetime but there are some markings on the wall. This is a opportunity to point why a voluntarism system based on human behavior will never be able to come to fruition, people are already showing the signs that they can't come to together on a lot of issues nor are they willing to. Couple that with a quote you made about the man in the suit and there will always be a man in a suit, whether he comes at you with propaganda or in a military uniform, either way they will always sow dissension, someone will always have to keep the order.


The USA is way too divided for something as simple as a civil war these days, you've got religion vs religion, black against white, gay vs straight, abortion vs non abortion, republican vs democrat, rich vs poor, left vs right, north vs south etc etc. Even this thread has degenerated into a shit fight.

It's looking more like the hunger games than a simple war.

Everyone needs to unite against the Banksters and stop hating on their fellow underlings or the whole country will descend into chaos..

Chill out people.

Land rights for gay whales and all that shit :)