Nothing is ever truly "Free", not even when Presidents make that claim.

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What is the most popular word used by individuals that have tossed their hat into the ring, saying they are running to be the next President of the United States? Free.

The same word used when President Obama was pushing his health care. Free.

We soon found out that it wasn’t free. That individuals premiums were skyrocketed, and they couldn’t just walk into a doctors office, or a medical facility, and get care, if it was government sponsored.

I never heard of “slots”, until after Obamacare gradually started taking affect. It confused me, when I’d hear someone I knew say that there wasn’t anymore slots available until next year. Unless their PCP could get a slot opened up.

See, in a free market society, it’s controlled by supply and demand. There are no rationing, except what the market seems needed to produce, or services supplied. Government on the other had, rations, in order to control production of goods, or services supplied.

Quotas and rationing, these two words have been on my thoughts for the last few days. When the words quotas and/or rationing is mentioned, I don't know about you, but automatically my thoughts go to the rationing done in the U.S., for the war effort.

But rationing is more than the rationing that we read about in the history books, or hear tell about from our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents (depending on your stage in life).

Every day, rationing and quotas (or allotments) are taking place. Products on the grocery store shelf, number of Dolly Madison pastries that are being processed and packaged for the day, how many of the certain vehicles are manufactured in a certain year; like out of the 429,000 Ford Torino's produced in 1970, only 41 of them was made as Cobra's, with a 429-4V, four-speed crash box, and Medium Blue Metallic paint, as a standard package.

Even corporations, when paying out salaries, from the CEO, down to the lowest paid new hire, uses the process of Quotas (allotments) and Rationing, when breaking down the percentage of a company's revenue, that is able to be used for salary (+ benefits) for the employees.

The thing is "there is a limited supply" of goods and services, no matter where it comes from, whether from the government, or the private sector.

Rationing, is just a part of life.

How many times have you went out to eat, ordered something off the menu, and while you are waiting for your order to come out, you are already savoring the taste. Then the wait staff comes back out, let's you know that you'll need to order something else because they have sold out of what you ordered?

Government availability Healthcare, is no different. There is never a unlimited supply.

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