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in free •  last year

I will send 2 SBD

to one random HUMAN account that

  1. UpVotes this 100% and
  2. ReSteems to their followers!!

(I am trying to leverage the $3000 in SteemPower that is being delegated to me for the next 2 weeks, so play along!)

(Bots not included, in the comments say Upvoted and Resteemed! )

I will use SteemWinner to randomly choose a winner!!

Our first winner is @a-alice ! You won +2 SBD

Our second winner is @kp138 ! You won +10 SBD

Our third winner is @sirpaul ! You won + 3 SBD!

Our fourth winner is @jaynene ! You won +5 SBD

And more!!

Instead of posting all winners in each thread, each Giveaway is retitled after the winner! Every post is chronological so you can navigate giveaways by changing the number at the end, ie

I suggest you convert it into Steem using your wallet,

and then Power Up STEEM into STEEM POWER!!

Please upvote the rest of my active (past 7 days) posts as well. It is all very much appreciated !!

One 1 winner per post.

Users who upvote will be tagged in future posts so they receive a notification, unless you ask to be removed in the comments.

👍 TesT @ckrause74 @phusionphil @cconn @rawbeing @zoltrix @amadais @hilarski, @michael14876, @rulesforrebels, @theguruasia, @budz82, @a-alice @myego13 @shawnfishbit, @maya7, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @rek5767, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @deshwal @cub1, @cmp2020, @remlaps1, @dinsha, @myego13, @lisa.palmer, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @geneeverett, @a-alice, @aspects, @investmenthunt, @itzunknown, @namct, @free999enigma @shawnfishbit, @dontstopmenow, @elliotjgardner, @maya7, @elias-jaxon, @darxide403, @theguruasia, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @qme988, @aspects, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @fernando76, @budz82, @deshwal, @cerberinc, @free999enigma @anu, @midnas-howler, darkflame, @misstysea, @rndness222, @spaghetti, @oneshot, @sethlinson, @allyouneedtoknow, @jrai, @jmehta, @adanjr, @djmalith, @swapthehacker, @dlanyer, @cryptotraderbiz, @zhia, @dianclasher @spiz0r, @hilarski, @marrada, @cassidyandfranks, @binkley, @mooncryption, @beyondthecrypto, @neiraurdaneta, @spectralkh, @sirpaul, @anilazad, @qye, @kadysheven, @mhangami, @zhia, @rumollah @anu, @midnas-howler, @cub1, darkflame, @hilarski, @cmp2020, @remlaps1, @missiontothemoon, @bearbear613, @havok777, @cassidyandfranks, @spaghetti, @dinsha, @myego13, @allyouneedtoknow, @sethlinson, @lisa.palmer, @jmehta, @yenipaola, @knowledge-seeker, @me-do, @prakashghai, @geneeverett, @a-alice, @djmalith, @xdark23, @aspects, @felixme, @go4it, @investmenthunt, @holdilocks, @kaz2305, @charlesarthuriii, @alot-of-lore, @itzunknown, @cryptotraderbiz, @lig007, @namct, @free999enigma @conradhann, @stranger27, @xdark21, @xdark23, @djmalith, @thebrianstone52, @taylortee, @olesya1989, @teter, @rehan12, @a-alice, @stackhunt42 @famunger, @anu, @midnas-howler, @darkflame, @spiz0r, @sokoloffa, @saffisara, @wheatdogg, @cassidyandfranks, @stranger27, @cranium, @myego13, @sethlinson, @truconspiracy, @amri, @allyouneedtoknow, @instahater, @stuffy, @phusionphil, @boriskus, @chuckler, @knowledge-seeker, @beyondthecrypto, @djmalith, @jaynene, @bigbeard, @cedaout, @sirpaul, @felixme, @prettysnake, @bithereum, @alkalyno, @jesdn16, @hiromant, @universe.laws, @rehan12, @kona, @cryptotraderbiz, @a-alice, @twoitguys, @zhia, @herryzal, @hassanabid @pjcswart, @conradhann, @rachelburger, @covey, @cryptoshaco, @subliminal-times, @stovehustler, @lianasereni, @tomahawk429, @fifthtobine, @gr3g0r

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I am a BOT but Upvoted and Resteemed! Haha enjoy. Thank you


You won almost won. I stated no bots and you are a self admitted bot. What do I do? Change the rules or do not reward you? You did upvote comment and resteem. +1 SBD and +2 SBD goes to the runner up.


Thank you so much! I have just received 1 SBD. So my name is BOT, I'm not a bot anymore. I wish I had inform you before sending the reward. Just enjoying because this is the first time I get the reward from a random giveaway on steemit.


Your actual name is Bot? I knew a guy whose last name was Bott. +1 SBD @magicstone1412


Thanks again. I'm Vietnamese so in my country we dont have a real name like Bot. But we have a "home name" that can pronounce "Bột". It likes a nickname but just using at home. Anyway I am enjoyed with your giveaway

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Resteemed and upvoted

upvoted, resteemed..thx

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks. J


Winner was a bot, so you are Runner up #1 and the NEW WINNER!!

Congratulations @jjb777 +2 SBD



Yeay! And today is my birthday. No joke. Many thanks. J

2 SBD will be mine... 💰🏅
Upvoted and resteemed..

Done my friend (upvoted and resteemed) =)

Resteemed, upvoted n°17 and followed

Upvoted and Resteemed!

awesome, upvoted hahahah thanks

Upvoted + Resteemed :DDD

upvoted and resteemed, from a fellow human :)

awesome! definitely joining :)

resteemed and upvoted

I don't think I'm lucky enough to get SBD but resteemed and upvoted.

Upvoted and Resteemed

Upvoted and Resteemed!