Waiting for my account to be nullified.

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I invested 4 years in steem.
helped the community grow with a great team at four different SteemFests accross the globe

built a ton of apps and tools on top of the platform and for the platform. did presentations at big tech companies about it.

yet. if the rumors are true: it seems some people here want to nullify my account after blocking access to my stake previously. (as of current I am
unable to transfer my stake or vote)

time will tell.


Crazy. How can anyone trust Steem if they do this?

The V.22.2 Cabal started all this by freezing $10 million of assets of Mr. Sun. His retaliation has no merit, yet let's not forget who picked this fight in the first place.

Very true. The precedent was set. I objected to it. It had already happend.

The crypto-currency community shouldn't rely too much on precedent. Re-evaluate your PoS coins, with the knowledge they could disappear at anytime. It's just easier to do this theft on Steem for the moderately rich because we make transactions through ids.

The good that has come out of Steem is a decentralized login system (and the rest of the social media backend).

I objected to it.

Me as well.

Exactly! Justin Sun started it when he announced he was going to move steem to the Tron network

"who picked this fight in the first place"
Do you actually think there's some kind of fight happening? Who are the people involved in the fighting?

The people whose power and control in the position of the top 20 witnesses was threatened by the stake that could threaten that power, Justin Sun. There was even a Korean whale with the balance of power who left 5 of Justin Sun's witness sock puppets and 5 of the original V.22.2 Cabal as top 20 witnesses, allowing time for dialogue by no one with enough consensus to install a new version. The V.22.2 Cabal's response was a vindicative fork to HIVE; blacklisting the very whale that was suggesting dialogue between the two parties. This fork has done nothing but highlight human greed and the failure of DPoS Governance to protect the integrity of the blockchain. That was the intended role of the witnesses; not to alter the chain's history to reinforce their power base but to secure that ledger's history.

Actions speak louder than words. It was the actions of the V.22.2 Cabal which fired the first shot in the distruction of the STEEM/HIVE projects. It is hard to imagine any crypto investor considering either chain secure at this stage.

There is no such thing as a 'vindictive fork'. lol.
Forks are just variants made through free will off the back of the developers involved. Put down the Koolaid.

By this logic the new proposed fork deleting these account balances is also not vindictive, simply a variant made through free will..

The problem with the whole situation is everyone is wrong... Humans are dumb... The one's in control appear to be human... Ergo, ya'll gonna do sum dumb shit.

This fork is dumb, the last fork was dumb, the softfork was stupid.. so very very stupid.. I can't begin to express how stupid... I mean come on... Any of us less stupid chimps foresaw this reaction..

My only regret for being in power down on both chains is that my upvote will not reward your comment enough. 😎

There is no such thing as a 'vindictive fork'.

There is one now and it is called HIVE. Name one fork that changed history prior to the fork's creation. Even Etherium rolled back time they did not change history. Thought witnesses were there to protect the ledger's history not alter it.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing because I can't make sense of what you are saying here. You appear to be saying that Hive is the 'vindictive fork'. Vindictive implies 'vengeful' or 'cruel', however, HIVE is just a fork created by industrious people using open source code. There is no inherent attack with such a fork, it's just a statement of disagreement with regards how STEEM is being run and a courageous move to offer something different. No-one is 'owed' anything by the creators of HIVE and no-one is obliged to use it - it's all voluntary. If Hive is 'in the wrong', then 'let the market decide' and it will all be irrelevant since Hive will die. In reality, it seems so far the markets see Hive as just fine.

If you think things are being run differently on HIVE then allow me to not disturb your illusion. If you think the blacklistings et al were not vindictive then allow me to not disturb your illusion. DPoS Governance, on both chains, has proven to be a failure in my opinion. Only a few more weeks of powering down to be done with it.

At this stage, I don't see how anyone can trust, even these blockchain systems that claim to be "censorship resistant", as anything more than free hosting.

Let's think in simple terms, if instead of "crypto" that the platform was operating on real securities, Justin, the earlier steemit team, and anyone who was deciding the direction of the platform would EACH be facing 20+ year prison terms.


길고 관련된 이야기입니다. 이것은 더 큰 전쟁에서 불행한 사상자 중 하나입니다.

Te contesto en castellano.

Parece más una declaración que una respuesta para mí. 😎

I severely hope this won't happen. I barely know you aside from your work, but Steem really can't afford to do something like this at this time IMO. Complete lack of decentralization if that's the case. No security either.

Complete lack of decentralization ✅

No security either. ✅

Aint DPoS grand!

How is it even possible to black your access to your STEEM? This seems absolutely atrocious.

That's probably what Justin Sun thought when his newly purchased $10 million stake in STEEM was frozen by the V.22.2 Cabal.

too many dicks in this post. othersiwe, I found it an intresting to convey the diff opinions.

You can block the dick posting accounts.


Perhaps you would be interested in my devious plan to make being even a witness sock puppet too risky, legally, by implementing a browser extension which will base64 code one's pics and post them to the blockchain for posterity.

The final step would be advertising the extension on the vilest dark net forums; though perhaps the perverts would find it on their own.

A proof of concept site is presently working using Perl, at the moment, yet an extension would give the creator less liability in my opinion; never having to house the pics even for the short moments for encoding purposes.

You're welcome to run with this ball as my motivation may not be as great as yours to see the concept become reality; not to mention your masterful skills as a programmer would likely see it come into production much quicker.

You have convinced me the true value of Proof of Work chains. This could never happen on a POW chain.

Yes, both Hive and Steem have removed assets from accounts. They have both shown that they can and will do it. Precedences have been set.

This kind of regime has a name.


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