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RE: Waiting for my account to be nullified.

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Funny. I had been here for four years too when the Hive people removed my stake. . .

I hope that the rumors are false; you should be free to do whatever you want with your stake. I also hope people eventually realize that what Hive did was equally wrong.


Hive was a new fork, they didn't touch your Steem stake. It was a completely new and separate thing, so they didn't take anything from you. You didn't get free Hive tokens, nothing was stolen from you or anyone else who got blacklisted on Hive.

Perhaps the Steem fork will be a new fork with a zeroing, and an air drop too so they can make the same argument. Doesn't make it morally justifiable in my opinion. It wasn't justifiable on Hive either.

They stole years of my work, but excluded the stake/transactions that that work represents. A lot of what I had was from author and curation rewards. The chain still records those rewards as existing, but they do not. I think this makes Hive illegitimate as a blockchain. Over 90 percent of its transactions are void, and therefore inaccurately recorded.

I know the jist. It was an airdrop, so it was ok. That sets a dangerous precedent that you might get to see used against you (I use you as a way of saying Hive). I believe a common cliche fits here: "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Perhaps it would have been better to not set the precedent, or renounce it. You are now seeing the unintended consequences of claiming that it is okay to remove people's stake. No matter how eloquently you try to describe it, it is not okay, and it sets a very dangerous precedent.

@cmp2020 stop crying and suck Justin Sun's dick

How they removed you Hive stake when you never had it?

I did have it. See these photos:

cmp2020 and cmp2020-pb.PNG



How they removed you Hive stake when you never had it?

You so do not understand how a blockchain is meant to be an unalterable historical ledger. HIVE has changed the past on the blockchain. Even Etherium which altered a transaction in its fork did so by rollling back time prior to the smart contratc's creation which unintentionally froze Kazillions of tokens. What is being done on both the HIVE and STEEM chains in a testimony of the failure of DPoS Governance at this stage of its evolution. The OpenOrchard Project is giving me some optimism. A great team and a promise of no ninja activity prior to launch.

i seen roundbeargames on the list of accounts that will be nullified, not sure the list is true. do you know what he did? he had nothing to do with code, nothing to do with spam, nothing to do with creation of hive, only thing he did is talking against korean community supporting justin sun. so they decided that his coins should be taken away. maybe i am also on the list, just because i was not happy with what is going on.

No idea, but if not being happy with what is going on is the qualifier, then I am also on that list. It is wrong.

i follow the guy for years. he is posting about game development. but he was vocal about Korean community (he is also Korean). i am sure he never spamed, tried to break steem... he was critical and had some posts about hive. that is kinda it. looks like a thin line to go. why would anyone invest if few wrong posts could cost you all of your coins?

My observations indicated that a large community supported whale in the Korean Community had the balance of power with witness voting to keep 5 of the original V.22.2 Cabal and 5 sock puppets of Mr. Sun in the top 20. The appeal for dialogue led to a vindicative hard fork creation of HIVE. This whale was also blacklisted on the chain's resync and their funds are mysteriously not there in the HIVE version of history.

and that has nothing to do with stealing coins from small steem user that was just against what Korean community was doing, and publicly wrote about it.
i see they are taking funds from accounts that never voted, never posted and never commented. he never even took any of the steem out of his wallet. his last activiti on the chain was Apr 8 '16. so what did he do?
this is just an attempt for someone to get 500k of steem from an account that is not active. from what i seen on steemd he had nothing to do with what they said in this post. so why is he on the list? witnesses have no idea how to read data on the blockchain, or trying to get for them 500k from someone who will not make noise about it?

Of course the vindicative nature of the fork was a power and wealth grab. Instead of @nulling Steemit Inc.'s stake they will be placing it in the HIVE version of SPS (the name escapes me at the moment). Now if you think you will get a financed approval of a submitted project proposal without the V.22.2 Cabal's approval then there is a bridge in New York that you may be interested to purchase. Already the golden girl of the V.22.2 Cabal is requesting $30,000 for past efforts on the project.

english is not my native language so i maybe missed it, but i still can't see what did account that was not active for 4 years did to attack or endanger the chain. also i don't see how he was spamming the blockchain, looks like he was not spamming in 2016 and for sure he was not spamming in 2020 as he never posted a comment. but he does have 500k of steem, that will end up in someones private account.

Yep both the governance of HIVE and that of STEEM have shown themselves to be a failure. If one cannot trust security of the blockchain(s) than what is the point? Oh yeah social media likes.

Dude, seriously, you didnt loose any token on the hive fork, you just where excluded, you dont have any rights to hive token, any of us did, they selected some people to be excluded and thats it...

I may not agree with the reasons why they excluded you, thats another thing, but you didnt loose anything there... Maybe they did wrong by excluding some people, but not stealing wrong...

This hardfork is straight deleting peoples tokens, thats a lot of steem people invested and powered up, its not the same, and its not equally wrong, its just way more wrong... Not to mention they took the stake from accounts that have nothing to do, like

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