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RE: Waiting for my account to be nullified.

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Hive was a new fork, they didn't touch your Steem stake. It was a completely new and separate thing, so they didn't take anything from you. You didn't get free Hive tokens, nothing was stolen from you or anyone else who got blacklisted on Hive.


Perhaps the Steem fork will be a new fork with a zeroing, and an air drop too so they can make the same argument. Doesn't make it morally justifiable in my opinion. It wasn't justifiable on Hive either.

They stole years of my work, but excluded the stake/transactions that that work represents. A lot of what I had was from author and curation rewards. The chain still records those rewards as existing, but they do not. I think this makes Hive illegitimate as a blockchain. Over 90 percent of its transactions are void, and therefore inaccurately recorded.

I know the jist. It was an airdrop, so it was ok. That sets a dangerous precedent that you might get to see used against you (I use you as a way of saying Hive). I believe a common cliche fits here: "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Perhaps it would have been better to not set the precedent, or renounce it. You are now seeing the unintended consequences of claiming that it is okay to remove people's stake. No matter how eloquently you try to describe it, it is not okay, and it sets a very dangerous precedent.

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