Welcome to InterSteem - The Decentralized Project Accelerator on Steem [Foundation Proposal - Stage One]

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Efficiency is the foundation for survival. Effectiveness is the foundation for success. - John C. Maxwell

If you like how this begins, then you may also like how it ends.

We'll at least try.

We - that's @steemitqa and @surfermarly, who have been working on the idea of InterSteem during the past two weeks, being coached and supported by @intertia and @whatsup on the way (thank you, guys!).

InterSteem describes our idea on how to set up the new Steem Foundation - a decentralized organization that finances and supports projects on the Steem blockchain. We're hereby following the invitation from @steemalliance to submit a first rough design as requested in this article.

Our idea may be a bit different compared to others, but perhaps that's even a reason to especially like it.

Are you ready to think outside the box?

We're honestly going to turn the idea of a Foundation a bit upside down if you don't mind, since there's a way to fund and support projects on Steem that actually doesn't require such a complex legal structure.

Practically, the InterSteem model could be implemented tomorrow, if the community decided to do that.

Do we have your attention? Great.



The Steem community aims to create an organization that helps to fund, implement and support projects and tasks on the Steem blockchain.

The goal is to design a decentralized structure that - without the need of any superior centralized institution - is able to manage and execute those measures that are necessary to convert Steem into a seminal, sustainable and competitive Social Blockchain.

Why InterSteem

InterSteem aims to provide a structure for the above mentioned scenario that’s secure, easy to implement and that involves already existing and efficiently operating products and solutions on Steem.

In theory, InterSteem could start to operate ‘tomorrow’ on-chain without requiring the implementation of any additional tools or application layers!

Contrary to previously discussed models, InterSteem doesn’t require a legal set-up or contract to be launched, since funds would be directly transfered between investors and project owners/managers. InterSteem wouldn’t function as a bank or foundation, but rather as a connecter and intermediator.

InterSteem is a full loop process as it does have the layers of all key stakeholders in mind. The way those players interact with each other is shown in a transparent and secure way.

We believe that a foundation holding funds and distribution funds on behalf of others wouldn’t actually mirror the decentralized idea that is envisioned here.

What is InterSteem

Intersteem stands for INTERmediator or INTERlayer (between proposals, investors and community) as well as for INTER-market spread (acquisition of funds from the outside of the Steem ecosystem).

The InterSteem Team is what the Steem Alliance currently calls the “Leaderboard”. They’d be supposedly formed by:

  • Community Managers - who manage the approval of worker proposals by the community (stake weighted e.g.)
  • Sales Managers- who pitch the Proposals to potential investors in- and outside the ecosystem
  • Content Managers - who feed a specific section on fundition.io with the community-approved proposals and start the funding process
  • Developers - who provides the team with the necessary tools (voting tools e.g.) and knowledge regarding blockchain tech in general
  • Marketing / PR Managers - who market the project Intersteem in general
  • Communications Managers - who keep the community posted about everything related to Intersteem (news feed, chatrooms etc.)

How would InterSteem look like?


A board of 10 people would be ideal:

2 Community Managers
3 Sales Managers
2 Content Managers
1 Dev
1 Marketing
1 Communications person
1 Project Manager (for the InterSteem team)

The Project Manager could also be pitched to (crypto) conferences, thinking long term.

Oracle-D - as member of the Steem Business Alliance @steemba - could be a fantastic partner here who may generate some additional sales income through their already existing program. Of course they’d work closely together with the InterSteem Sales Managers.

We've already been in contact with @starkerz from @oracle-d and he think partnerships between initiatives such as intersteem, @Oracle-D and @steemba should be explored since there are many synergies.

A sales package could include:

Classic Steem invest (hold and earn passively) + Project funding through Intersteem + Tasks offered by Oracle-D (e.g. Marketing / Communication services).

The great benefits of this model: it's transparent, secure and easy to implement.

In the InterSteem scenario nobody would be effectively holding any funds (or keys) on behalf of someone else, since projects would be basically funded directly.

Those projects who got approved by the community (e.g. through stake weighted voting or through the Steem DAO), would be published on fundition.io by the Intersteem Content Managers.

The funds that were generated on fundition.io for a specific project or worker proposal would go directly to the project owner in the Steem community.

Side note: We've already involved @hightouch from @fundition and he supports the idea.

Currently funds that are raised on fundition.io go automatically to the account that has created / set up a specific project. Yet, the Fundition team offered to change that algorithm in case the InterSteem model was widely supported by the community.

Then the project creator and the recipient of the funds wouldn't necessarily need to be the same person (here: InterSteem Content Manager vs. Project Owner).

Do you like what you see?


We are now excitedly looking forward to your feedback!

This is a dynamic process and the here presented ideas don't aim to be perfect at all.

We'd actually be happy to see several of the already presented proposals being merged into one - that'd be probably the most decentralized solution possible.

Please consider to resteem this article in case you wanted to see it being widely supported.

Thank you!

@steemitqa & @surfermarly

PS: You can start following the official InterSteem account @intersteem if you want to support us on the way. All following updates will be published through the new account.

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Very interesting idea!
But how to choose the right people for these positions?
And do we really need representatives? Id like to see Proof of brain more integrated.
But maybe we arent yet ready.. But we still have to start to improve POB and train it.

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Hey @luegenbaron! Thanks for stopping by :)
If I remember well there were 200 people recommended as volunteers in a pre-selection process organized by the Steem Alliance worker group. If 10 of them decided to accept, we’d have our team :) But the selection process is part of one of the next steps.

Well I can see a lot of Proof of Brain here actually since all the projects to be funded will be exactly that. Also pitching Steem to investors is definitely 100% PoB.

Yet, this is an open process and any type of feedback and suggestions is more than welcome. So if you have ideas on how to include more PoB, then we’d highly appreciate that. You could even set up a post yourself and ask others on how we could include it in a better way. Let’s fully leverage the power of community here :)

Have a great day!

So many things to love about this idea. I love the lack of a foundation and the ease of launch.

It is my sense that fast and efficient is nearly always the right way to go!

Thanks for the great feedback @whatsup!!! We're happy the final version meets your expectations :-) Once more thank you very much for your brilliant advices given during the concept phase. Great teamwork!

Thank you! One of the goals was to make it a seamless/organized and secure way of doing this. Thanks for the feedback!

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Wow what a super well thought out proposal. These certainly is some amazing ideas coming out of Steemians.

Thank you, Stephen!!! :-)) We're happiest you like it.
Hope you're having a great weekend!

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How much money does Intersteem have to "Accelerate" project? @surfermarly i hope u have already gotten funding to then go and become a Y combinator for steem

seems a lil confusing... i hope it doesnt just syphon funds out of projects, what is the role of this inter steem in that diagram with its connection arrows to the 3 worker proposals? ISnt Blocktrades working on the worker proposal system with D poll? Is this to grab all the small projects that fall through the cracks? That would be a good use for this but otherwise seems like a lil vague and opportunistic, just a project for the sake of creating a project, very unnecessarily bureaucratic and the language alienates the average user for no good reason, so it would be better to simplify this if youre really planning on making this part of the official steem worker proposal

i feel like we dont need to complicate the worker proposal with all this theoretical brainstorming before the actual official steem worker proposal is even out yet..... This may just confuse people

Hi @ackza! Thanks for stopping by.
I personally haven’t raised any funds yet, since the purpose of this new organization is exactly this: to raise funds for projects on Steem.

It’s all explained in the article above, as well as the role of the InterSteem team and a possible link to the Steem DAO. Maybe you wanna read first, and then we can talk about it a bit more in detail.

The goal of InterSteem is to identify promising projects in the ecosystem, let the community decide if they’re worth being included in a fund raising mechanism and then sell those projects to potential investors on- and off-chain. It’s a model that hasn’t been proposed so far and that a Steem DAO would also not be able to cover. The Steem Business Alliance could become a great partner in terms of sales, as mentioned above, since they have a similar focus on approaching businesses and potential investors.

It’d be actually great to generate synergies with as many other teams on Steem as possible.

I hope you’re less confused now. Maybe it also helps to read what the @steemalliance is about in general. This proposal is part of a community project with specific steps and timelines.

The whole idea of creating a Steem Foundation has already a longer history now and many things have been discussed on- and off-chain. I kindly invite you to join the corresponding discord server and catch up there. I guess it’s the most complete and detailed source of information we currently have: https://discord.gg/uhan3Rf


Resteemed and 100% Upvoted , looks good , nice answer and keep going!

Cool! Thank you :-)

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Thank you Pennsif!

We are now excitedly looking forward to your feedback!

Your Foundation configuration sounds good. It is my feeling, however, that the Foundation requires a gareenteed source of funding. My preference would be a small percentage of the overall steem inflation.

This follows the keep it simple formula. I like that.