Vegetarian anyone? meet Paranthropus Robustus.

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Today’s introduction is Paranthropus Robustus, a truly interesting side branch in human evolution.

The first specimen and holotype fossil of Paranthropus (pictured below) was found at Kromdraai by a schoolboy.

This specific scull was missing its sagittal crest but demonstrated the strong cheek bones and dentition so characteristic of this species.

By Transvaal Museum CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

A short distance away is Swartkraans caves. Swartkraans has produced the remains of over 130 individuals and from that a decent amount is known or reconstructed about this species. Since then other similar species have been found elsewhere in the world.

This specimen below shows a reconstructed sagittal crest.

The purpose of the sagittal crest is to anchor the jaw muscles, giving the owner a very powerful bite. In the gorilla scull pictured below one can see the well-developed crest, and check bone openings to accommodate the massive muscles required to operate those huge jaws.

Another species but from east Africa shows the strong teeth that Paranthropus have… Its not hard to see why this guy’s nickname is nutcracker man.

By Durova,CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

These features, the strong teeth, thick enamel, large jaws and muscles strongly indicate that this species was mostly vegetarian and adapted to eating gritty food.

From the Swartkraans specimens it doesn’t seem that Paranthropus lived past 17.

What I find interesting is that those strong muscles connected to the sagittal crest would apply such force to those areas of the skull that it would prevent the brain from getting very large and expanding upwards.

It was necessary for the genes that produce such well-developed cheek muscles to be "knocked out" and the muscles attached on the sides of the scull to enable our larger brains to develop.

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Humans were never vegetarian. It's just a myth. Thanks fo sharing this. I was thinking to write something similar in the past.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Our dentition is omnivorous and has been through most of the evolutionary branches.

Paranthropus is likely to have been an extinctionary (if that's a word) dead end due to the fact that they were probably exclusively vegetarian.

One major climate swing and you cant adapt your diet.

Interesting Read.

Evolution is a man-made myth

Aliens or just good old god?

How about I stir the pot an suggest considering all three?

Just for the mental gymnastics aspect of it all.

The mark of an educated mind is being able to entertain an idea without accepting it

well said

So DNA is a man made genome?

Its all very interesting. ...I mean explain me lol, Rh- blood type...only 15% of my kind in the world...extra vertebrae...and more Scientists cant explain it...neither of my parents have blood is universal to anyone....and in fact my blood type proves we didnt all evolve from Africa. About to post an blog today about it. History Channel just came out with an interesting lil' clip as well.

Actually there is not something not explained about Rh-blood type to be honest.
but I ll check out that new video history channel released to see whats new.

Good question @katecloud (now following you). There are many more questions that science cannot answer. I struggle to see the disconnect between true science and a creator. They support each other and are so closely aligned that is it majestic but unfortunately man-made science, and man-made religion (unbiblical) are fakes and it's no therefore no wonder that they are now banging heads.

Personally speaking (and at this stage) I have chosen not to enter into futile debates with evolutionists and/or atheists unless I see a possibilty of it going anywhere (they waste so much valuable time if you allow them to and for the most part they have been brainwashed and that is not easy to unravel). See my two blog posts on education and indoctrination.

The evidence (if one cares to look closely, logically, rationally and objectively) points to a creator. I have done the research (over many years) and I have been agnostic/atheist for 98% of my life so don't give me the 'born into it argument'.

Modern science is a mix of fact and fiction (50/50) and I will prove that in my future posts.

In the meantime, I challenge anyone to find error in any of my blog posts thus far.

excellent post my congratulations Mr. @ gavvet excellent post valuable material, very good theme which diffused thank you very much

Wow, dead by 17? Harsh life.

Yup, but childhood was shorted and maturity was reached earlier. Less brain to train...

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Love this kind of read. Following.