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Ok, guys today I want to take you with me. Like you know I am Football player playing for Redbull Salzburg in Austria. Most of you surely missed my introduction Post where I wrote who I am.

Of course, I got a lot of questions about many things in the life of a professional football player.

I didn't want to write directly about Soccer because it was important to me that you get to know me apart from that. You know there are many cliches about football players I hate them, but I know that some of them are true but definitely not in my case. It's important to me that you know that.

In the future, I will write more about for those who are interested in, and I will start with that Post taking you with me through my day yesterday. Yesterday was our second game in the Euroleague.

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I drove with my sponsored car from Redbull.
Yes, it's a real blessing to get a car from the club you can use privately.

Not every club is doing that and I don't​ take this for granted.

But before I drove to the stadium I had to make a stop at another place something necessary for me.


Yes, I had to try my new mask :D

For those who missed it. Four weeks ago I got a cheekbone fracture. I wrote about it here if you want to read it. Therefore I need a mask if I want to play. A Mask like that is built exactly according to your face.

But I will put a beautiful design on this carbon mask. ;)


I can say; Salzburg is a lovely city to live. I love it.

Arrived at the Stadium I went down to the changing room to see my guys.


This would normally be my place. But right now the number 7 lock is empty. Ok someone put his bag there for sure to have more space :D

For those who understand no German.In my lock is standing: Never Give up!​

Now my Teammates are worming up.



After that, the Game started.


It was an excellent game. My Team played very well. You have to know right now we have many injured players. The situation is so bad that we couldn't fill the entire squad. You have to imagine that. If this happens, then you are in a terrible situation.

And then also against a club like Marseille. They have some strong world players. For example Patrice Evra. People who are interested in football should know him.

It was a good game. And the best thing about it is that we won!

Yes, we won with 1:0 this is amazing! The Joy was big after the game. And all also the injured players were happy about this important Victory.


All in all, it was a really successful day.
I got my mask ​so that I can train now entirely and join the team in the near future again and we won this important game.

This was short, but I hope you enjoyed this short trip.

If you like that and want to see more of that Post in the future, please let me know in the comments.

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Thanks for reading.


Very insightful post Ray! It must be a mixture of emotions watching from the sidelines. Wanting your team to win perhaps without the players in your position playing too well so that you can get back in the team when fit?

Here's me and another heart warming questions:

Do you kick the ball around or do you throw the ball around. Or is it just balls flying everywhere?!

I'm from Honolulu, HI, ....please clarify...Aloha!

Thanks for your great question :)
No, we kick the ball. We play eleven against eleven with one ball.

Soccer...thank you. I knew that but my funny bones couldn't pass the opportunity for silly comments....

Aloha mate!

Yes, you're right :)

Lol @ the ball flying everywhere

I didn't know you are a footballer, but I am glad that it doesn't define who you are. So many people allow their professions to overshadow their identity. Thanks for sharing your day!

It's great to get an insight into your day and actually very interesting. I can't say I'm a big football fan these days. Well not since the days of Eric Cantona anyway lol.

Interesting perspective of the game:)
Wie geht es der Verletzung mittlerweile? Machst du etwas besonderes dagegen oder lässt du einfach die "Zeit Wunden heilen"?
Wie lange brauchst du nach einer Verletzung bis du wieder auf dem Level bist, auf dem du zuvor warst? Für mich als Kraftsportler kann ich z.B. sagen, eine Woche verletzungsbedingte Pause wirft mich einen Monat zurück; also bei 4 Wochen Pause brauche ich dann tatsächlich 4 Monate bis ich wieder auf dem vorherigen Level bin.

Vom Bruch her ist alles in Ordnung.
Eigentlich ist das der angenehmste Teil.

Das eigentliche Problem ist die Gehirnerschütterung.
Ich bin ja schon im Training jedoch mussten wir letzte Woche zurück rudern da mein Körper auf die gesteigerte Belastung übel reagiert hat. Sprich Schwindel und Erbrechen. Typisch für Gehirnerschütterung. Damit muss man aber sehr vorsichtig sein, jeder verkraftet das anders.

Aber ich bin zuversichtlich das ich mach der Länderspielpause wieder voll im Einsatz bin :)

Bei mir, oder allgemein im
Fußball verhält sich eher so: du braust so lange, wie du weg warst.

Sprich nach vier Wochen, würde ich auch ca. 4 Wochen brauchen, um wieder auf dem Level zu sein wo ich war.

Danke für die Antwort und gute Besserung weiterhin!

Ich danke dir :)

You are great i have followed you and need to help you please also vote me i have also voted you thanks

Awesome post! :D This is the shit I'm interested in ^^ Did you ever meet a football player on the field, who was kind of a hero for you when you were a child? :)

Honestly, until now no :)
But I hope I​ will face them one day ;)

What`s your average attendance at your home games?

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Wow, it is sooo cool to see these images from you from the stadium. Must be an amazing feeling to play there! ⚽

Every time​ it's a great feeling :)

I bet it is. You must get a lot of energy from the audience who watch every of your moves. Must be like a firework of hormones.

Really glad you discovered my blog. You seem to be a super cool person. Would love to meet you in person one day. Maybe on a Steem Fest or whatever. But I will not go to the upcoming one.


Thank you, man, ​:D
Nice comment!

this is most excellent - thanks for sharing man - often times I see professional athletes on the tele and you just ignore the idea that they are real people and not machines - thanks for bringing us into your world! I have a new squad to follow in the bundesliga

Yes, many people have this kind of thinking.
But like you said we are also​ real person with feelings like everyone else :)

oh damm you are an amazing person :D it was great to read about your post :D

You want to make me flush right :D

Ich glaube verletzt sein und seinem Team nicht helfen zu können, ist so ziemlich das besch..., was man als Mannschaftssportler zu ertragen hat.
Insofern freut es mich für Dich und Euch, daß Ihr Erfolg hattet.

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