Premier League Betting with Steem and SBD [Matchday 2]

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Welcome to Premier League Betting

Please read the rules below before proceeding with bets


Last week.png

md1 payout.JPG

Congratulations to you @minhaz007

Make sure you understand The rules and instructions before betting

How to bet.jpg

Matchday 2 Fixtures and Odds

FT 0 - 0
1 car-new.jpg

FT 2 - 1
2 eve-sou.jpg

FT 2 - 0
3 lei-wol.jpg

FT 3 - 1
4 tot-ful.jpg

FT 1 - 2
5 wes-bou.jpg

FT 3 - 2
6 che-ars.jpg

FT 1 - 3
7 bur-wat.jpg

FT 6 - 1
8 manc-hud.jpg

FT 3 - 2
9 bri-manu.jpg

10 cry-liv.jpg

This week, I added the "Both team to score" Feature. I hope you like it..

Make sure your transfers are done to @kayyam09 and please ensure that you understand the rules and instructions before betting.


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Dear @kayyam09, thank you for post and mention, but i would like to ask you about multiple bet, how do you calculate final odd?

@intellihandling Suppose you bet 1 Steem on 1.1 2.1 3.1 and 4.1.
Your odds are multiplied like so 3.0 x 1.8 x 1.9 x 1.2 x 1 Steem which equals to 12.312 Steem

Hello! I'm new at this and i would like to know what thing do you exactly refer with "memo"? I mean, what's the detailed process to send you any bet?

@gabmr hello there. Thank you for your interest in our post. To bet, you simply go to your wallet and transfer the amount to me(@kayyam09) with memo being your code. See image below for example.


Awesome! Thanks, @kayyam09!

I need better luck this time :D

Sent STEEM for 2 separate bets.

@onefatindian I wish you good luck then ^_^
Hope to see your name on our next post under "Last Week's Payout" :D

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@abasinkanga thanks for your service

I've always been bad with bets. Could it be that I try? Hahaha I liked it a lot as you raise it.

@romeliagarcia why not? I mean, betting with a little bit of steem could potentially earn you more right?

Totally. It's a good way to do it, I'll think about it, friend. I think I will cheer up.

I don't understand anything about #Betting but am interested, someone please help me out.

@kvnq tell me. how can i help you?

I don't understand anything Betting both the odd suff and others

@kvnq kindly look at the first comment and you will understand the odds.


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Hola @kayyam09 cuando realizas los pagos de las apuestas? me interesa para la siguiente fecha de la EPL

@orangeljp Hola amigo. Mira la sección de reglas y cómo apostar para saber cómo hacer tus apuestas. Si no entiendes, pondré una sección en español para la jornada 3. Las probabilidades para la tercera jornada llegarán en menos de 48 horas.

Hola amigo @kayyam09 de verdad que soy un poco nuevo aqui en la plataforma, como hago para formar parte de este concurso? por ahi lei que tengo que transferirle 1 steem pero en el caso que yo no lo tenga como se hace?

@anderson09 Hola amigo. la apuesta mínima es 0.1 steem. puedes apostar con 0.1 Steem. esto no es un concurso, sino un servicio donde puedes apostar y doblar tu Steem