Decentralized Football Academy Unveil Jerseys and new Gear

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It’s been almost 6 months since we began our journey with the academy, and the goal from the onset was to make it a standard to provide all the necessary gear for the team, freely with the funds raised through the drills published via the Andre Gray Football Academy (AGFA) portal, backed by @Oracle-D and Steem post rewards. DFA's objective is to help the young boys with inspiration and motivation, as a means to help them achieve their dreams of becoming professional football players.



After several months of promising to provide jerseys, we are thrilled to announce that we've obtained them!

You may notice the design is different from the one on the Medium and Introduction posts, this is because there were challenges with the jersey design; It cannot be easily designed in Nigeria, the shipping costs from Indonesia are higher than the cost of the jerseys, and the American companies we looked into could not provide us any designs that didn't fit their templates, due to standards set for copyright liability protections. After exhausting our efforts in communicating with these companies, we ultimately decided to go for alternative, and easiest option. This is the route we decided to take.

We will be unveiling our new jerseys and gear today. Big thanks to Oracle-D for the support thus far, it’s the platform that inspired this and keeps the hope alive!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been supporting us, even with as little as $0.0002 upvotes, it all adds up, and it means so much to us. Thank you!

Gear Purchased:

  • Football
  • Cones (Small, medium and big)
  • Whistle
  • Captain Band
  • Keeper Glouf
  • Keeper Jersey
  • Team Jersey (2 Jerseys, 30 pieces)
  • Hose
  • Beeps

A big shout out to our supporters!

It feels like just yesterday we started DFA and with as busy as we all are, and how fast time flies, we feel it's vitally important to always show gratitude to the people who have contributed to the academy from day 1, until currently.

Thanks to @podanrj for creating our logos, banners and other designs.

Thanks to @pennsif for inviting and giving us the opportunity to talk about DFA on MSP waves radio show.

Thanks to @futuremind for the uttermost support, contributions, gift 🎁, and being part of the team.

Thanks to @eSteemapp for the frequent support on our posts.

Thanks to @elgecko for believing in the project and delegating 500SP to boost our curation rewards and also supporting our post with upvotes.

Thanks to @khanza.aulia, @mmunited, and @steemitri for curating every one-two of our daily posts.

Thanks to @thejohalfiles of @singhcapital for the support.

Thanks to @ocd for nominating and curating our post.

Thank you to everyone!

For those we didn't mention (as there are so many of you!) who support and believe in us, you're all appreciated. We would not have made it this far without you all. Thank you for your gracious support. 🙏

After a short break, we are back to training fully.


Both of the jerseys promote the Steem blockchain, Oracle-D and AGFacademy.



We re-designed the AGFA logo because it's not modern supportive for printing on jersey. The re-designed logo is attached for anyone who will like to use it on their jersey.



New and Old Beeps



New Cones and Hose



Captain Bands and Whistles



New and Old Pump plus Footballs




DFA Team



DFA Team



DFA Team



Goal Keeper Wears with Glouf




DFA Team with Instructor



DFA Team with Instructor



DFA Team with Instructor



Thank you for reading

We appreciate every bit of your support, your contributions to DFA will be used to continually improve the academy standards, as well as provide the team with gear which needs regular replacing.

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Hey @dfacademy,
I am very happy to see your growth, the project you are working on is very good. I am a sports teacher in Indonesia, and I am proud to see the project you are working on and get support from STEEM so far. Defend and I will support you.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support @owner99, we'll continue working hard!

this is amazing, well done team !!

Thank you so much for your kind words and gracious support @jznsamuel, You're appreciated!

You guys are doing an amazing job.
Keep it up!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and support @syedumair, we will continue to work hard. You're appreciated!

I must confess, these jerseys are absolutely cool. Amazing updates are going on in DFAcademy and I believe the future will be brighter.
Go guys!! We're proud of y'all


Thank you so much for your kind words and support @samminator, We are very grateful, and will continue to work hard!

Nice going @dfacademy, the jerseys, the team, wow they are all amazing. A big thanks to all your supporters, they are doing a great job.

A round of applause to the @dfacademy team.

Yes, we are super excited about the new jerseys! Thank you so much for your kind words and support @ireneblessing, we're very grateful and will continue to work hard!

Way to go! So proud of the whole team and people involved 👍👍👍👏👏👏

Thank you so much, your support and kind words are appreciated @iamjadeline, we will continue to work hard!


This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


DFA we are so proud of you boys! All the hard work you have been putting in, this is what it's all about. Congratulations on getting your new gear, it's very nice, and very well deserved! Keep it up boys, the best is yet to come!
Manually curated by @futuremind.

That's great job.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support @mmunited!

Ambition is not just a word but a long way to be met by many crises. Ambition and will are the two main drivers of man to achieve his goals, man can not plan for his life or to draw his next days unless he has the ambition first and the will of the second, To @dfacademy you were creative, perseverance secret of your success, I am pleased to see you progress and grow up

Thank you for these beautiful words, we are very grateful for your support and kind words of wisdom @steeimran!

Doesn't matter those shirts were printed where, as long it gets there and the kids be able to use it. Marvelous !

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There were many obstacles, but with the power of community and Steem, we were triumphant , and we will continue to work hard! Thank you so much for your gracious support and kind words @davidke20, you're appreciated!

I have seen this Football Club since the beginning, really this is extraordinary progress that has been achieved. Jersey and other needs are almost complete, hopefully increasing enthusiasm in practice, always a ​success for you guys.

Thank you so much @khanza.aulia, your gracious support has helped us so much, and we will continue to work hard. You're appreciated!

Nice achievements so far. More power to your elbow.

Thank you so much for the kind words and support @ckole, we will continue to work hard!

i wish you guys do well :)

Thank you for the kind words and support @roundbeargames, we will continue working hard, you're appreciated!

Hi @dfacademy,

I'm so proud of you boys. The jerseys look absolutely fantastic! After 6 months of hard work, you have gained a mountain of new skills, and I can see more and more comradery by the day.

DFA is a shining example of what success look like, as well what can be made possible with Steem.

I couldn't be happier to support and assist you boys. I'm impressed DFA! Keep up the outstanding job, to the moon DFA!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting DFA, you all helped make this happen!

Thank you so much for your support and kind words, @futuremind! We are grateful and will continue to work hard!

This is what I call progress. I am so excited to see this beautiful jerseys promoting the steem blockchain. I believe the team behind @dfacademy is making Adre Gray happy and proud. Kudos to you all 👏

Thank you so much @donefezy, we're really excited about our new jerseys, and will continue to work hard. We appreciate you!

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