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A typical Pinoy cuisine that was being brought by Mexican traders when they stayed in the Philippines during the galleon trades. Who else doesn't know about this delicious food that we usually eat, especially on a cold season?😊

It is prepared by boiling sticky rice or plain rice with cocoa powder, mix with milk and sugar to make it sweeter. It can be served either hot or cold, but I prefer to eat it when it is warm. Some will have this as their merienda in the afternoon or serve as breakfast with a dried fish. But I most love to have it on a rainy season or when the weather is cold in the middle afternoon.


On the photo, I prepared a Champorado, with slices of boiled egg and apple in a one cold morning.

Type: Porridge
Course: "Merienda" Tea time/ Snack
Place of origin: Philippines
Serving temperature: Hot or cold
Main ingredients: Glutinous rice, cocoa powder, milk or Coconut milk, sugar
Variations: Tinughong

I took this photo with Samsung Galaxy Note and this is my entry for #foodphotography by @juliank.😊

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Yes, it is.😊 Thank you for dropping in, @mehakbhatti.😉

Im Mexican and have not seen this. Need to try it out.

You must try this, it is really delicious. Thank you for checking in. 😊

It is really delicious. Thank you for dropping by.😊

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Awesome! 😊

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Hmmm...Is that a good mix? I haven't had champorado with apples and/or eggs. I know that champorado is paired with salted fish but even that I haven't tried. I just like my champorado hot and sweet :D

Ano pala meron kay photocircle na tag?

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Try mo rin, @leeart. I always love to do a twist in every food that I prepared. I don't usually go in what's everyone like to have it.😊 About the tag, it is just the same with photocontests, they also give rewards for their weekly selections.

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