Food is Free Around the World ~ 2-12-18

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Even the smallest acts of kindness ripple far past our visible horizon! Never underestimate the ability of your actions to ripple out and affect your community.

The Food is Free Project has evolved from a front yard garden to an open source movement of over 400 cities around the world. Each food sharing project is about growing and sharing food, but they all look a bit different. Some of us have front yards, others rooftops, or maybe just a balcony or a window. Join us and let's plant a world of abundance!

Share your journey growing and sharing food with #foodisfree or #foodisfreeproject so the global community can be inspired by your actions.

Here are some inspiring highlights from the Food is Free worldwide community this week:

"A great initiative by the local community to combat food waste and support shared economy
#foodisfree #zerowasteaustralia #zerowastevictoria #zerowastecommunity #zerowastecollective #sharedeconomy"
Photo by: goingminimumwaste_russian

"Grow Free giving away free produce alongside our produce share on the open garden weekend. #growfree #foodisfree #produceshare #nowaste"
Photo by: joesconnectedgarden

"Every second Saturday is swap day in Denmark 🤗 I always come home with a huge basket full of beautiful fresh produce! #foodisfree #fresh #homegrown #organic"
Photo by: kate_samantha_

“The fact that organic food is expensive immediately precludes a huge percentage of people and means they have to eat fairly nutritionally deficient crap. But sharing is really powerful. People feel joy and happiness when they give freely to one another, whether it’s their neighbour or a complete stranger through a sharing cart.”
Photo by: koren.helbig

"Loving. A temporary abundant tomato hedge! #foodisfree"
Photo by: ducksback.move.grow.cook

You are encouraged to take any ideas from #foodisfreeproject and tailor them to fit your community. We all have something to learn from each other and knowing we're not alone makes it much easier to take a step out into our community and plant the first seeds.

Take the first step and share your #foodisfree photos on social media so we can all stay connected and spread these ripples of inspiration far and wide. I'm excited for Steemit to allow us to grow and unite in ways we are yet to imagine!

Onward and Upward,

Start a front yard community garden:

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I like the message that food often IS free! Our fruit trees often provide a bounty for many in the community, for example. We get lots of nice apples, so they end up at the local food pantry where others can benefit.

Bright Blessings!


Thank you for sharing the abundance! You are surely inspiring others. What variety of apples do you have?

Wonderful, wish there was more of this around. Great to see its growing 💯🐒


New #foodisfree projects are popping up each week and all sorts of other seed swaps and community gardens are starting daily. Lots of abundance is unfolding and sprouting! Here's to fresh food lining our communities, enough for all!


Definitely! England is very behind on all this. 💯🐒

I love seeing all of these setups! Everyone is so creative with their ideas and how they share. It is good to see <3


I love it too! Everyone adds a unique touch. I'm always learning new things. So cool!

Community support?? People from my community will just take everything


I totally hear you and you are not alone in wondering about this. Most of the gardeners who've started Food is Free Projects around the world have found the opposite to be true. Initially it can actually be hard for people to accept the free gifts of seeds, seedlings or veggies since people are wondering "what's the catch?"

When I first planted a front yard garden, I started meeting a lot more neighbors and many wanted to get involved or had tools/seeds/compost to share. If you start sharing your ideas of growing and sharing food with neighbors and friends, you never know who may be interested or help the idea sprout.

I'm very happy to have found you! I have had the idea of free food trees since more than a year ago, and I started sprouting all the avocado seeds I could find :) I called it Freefoodforall. I didn't continue promoting it that way, but I have sprouted about 50 avocado trees which I have given away for free (still have about 15). Since then I have started to plant everything I can!

The only problem is I'm running out of resources to do it.. Steemit has come like a great gift to me because I will finally get paid for my art and other content, and I will get creative on bringing in funds to continue sharing our abundance, plus keep on learning to bring these dreams to life. I try to keep my expenses at the minimum, and at the moment I don't have any income, so I'm putting a lot of effort into my blog here so I can start earning money to continue to live my dreams of food for all!

Such a great idea!!!!

We have so many free homegrown mangoes on offer right now. Wish I could send them to steemit for you all to enjoy. For now, we make friends and neighbors very happy! And ourselves of course. Yeah for free homegrown food to share!

we have lots of trees in russia free for collecting fruits from them :)