MY ENTRY FOR THE CONTESTS OF: @karenmckersie 🏆💲New Food Boasting Photo Contest #8 🏆

in foodboasting •  7 months ago

This is my entry for #foodboasting Food Contest by @karenmckersie. You can view the contest link here:

THE DESSERT: Andean chicha custard with figs in syrup and fennel caramel

Natilla de chicha andina con higos en almibar y caramelo de hinojo.jpg

Captured with my Smartphone Samsung Galaxi S8.

Aubergine with tuna and parchita butter volcano #foodboasting

All weekends as a family we try to make a different meal with a different dessert (signature cuisine) and combining ingredients that we have never prepared in their original recipes. This is how these simple dishes are, but wonderful.

Despite the high cost of living here in Venezuela and the whole country situation, we focus on spending a Sunday as a family and preparing something simple but that looks beautiful and calls the palate.


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Mmmm! That ksso awesome , different and delicious looking ! Great shot @fjmb86 ! Another restaurant quality photo ! thanks for sharing in my #foodboasting photo contest , good luck!😀😋✌💕
*be advised that even though I said in my rules i would not remind them ! I will let you know that many things are missing in this post in order to qualify. please read over the rules again, you can enter up to 3times per week! thank you!✌


Thank you very much! I will take your recommendations into account.


Awesome, thank you! God Luck, I love your photosand dont like having to disqualify people because of rules, but have to so its fair to all participants!👍✌💕


I have already made the corrections according to your post rules to enter the contest. I apologize but I do not fully handle English and I had to use a translator.

Hello and congratulations on winning a daily round of my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge. Feel free to attend your winner announcement post to interact with other users through answering some of the comments. Thank you. Have a great day. Tomas

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – South American Saturday week #40 – winner announcement!


@czechglobalhosts give congrats from my side to every winner


Thank you very much to you! For me, sharing from a distance is priceless!


Very well deserved!

Looks really different, yet, intriguing! I bet this is really sweet so I think I'd love it too! 😁 😋