#FOODBOASTING my delicious lunch!

in foodboasting •  last year 

Hello Steemians!Just doing a bit of foodboasting here:)
Thanks to @karenmckersie for her new fun tag: #foodboasting, which I came across today.
You can check out more about it here.
So here it is- my delicious lunch today - my husbands AMAZING lasagna!


It was also such a perfect sunny day today so we enjoyed every bite outside :)


-Pictures are mine and original, taken on my Galaxy S7 phone-

I love reading your thoughts and comments! Any feedback is always welcome ! So please keep 'em coming! :)

See you soon!

Have a great week!

Much Love ❤️
Simple recipes for any home :)

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@bravobravo you're on the @abusereports naughty list!

Bad Steemian! Bad!

Thank you @abusereports bot!!😁💪

Gosh that lasagna look very delicious. Thanks for sharing @cooknbake

Haha! It was @robertandrew!🤗 thanks for stopping by!

Looks absolutely delicious @cooknbake, you're a lucky gal! My hubby only knows how to make scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, toast, tea & coffee...nothing else :):)

Lol!!😄 making eggs and drinks is good too @lizelle! You got your breakfasts sorted then😉 Even though my husband know how to cook, he lets me do most of it:) but i dont mind since I love it🤗 thanks for your great comment, as always! Have a great day!

Wow.., amazing, this delicious and healthy lunch, good job @cooknbake.

Thank you very much @ami92!🤗

Mmmm! great entry and photography @cooknbake ! it really looks delicious, I am starved now , you are very lucky to be married to such a great cook ! Good luck in my #foodboasting contest! and thanks for adding the contest tag etc. and reading through the rules as many did not.✌👍😋

Thank you dear @karenmckersie! Glad you liked:) He usually lets me do the cooking at home but when he decides to cook , it always tastes amazing! Loved the new fun tag u started, by the way!🤗

Awe thanks , i am glad you like it, I hope it gets real popular!👍😀

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